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  • Cross Country

    Pudding Catcher 12k

    Sun 12 Dec 2010

    22  01:19:57 92 Liz Halliday Vet F   1ST

  • Cross Country

    Plumpton Cross Country Sussex League Race

    Sat 27 Nov 2010

    A very cold day so a reasonable turnout especially by the seniors /vets

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  • Fun Run

    Brighton 10k

    Sun 21 Nov 2010

    Great Phoenix turnout and some fantastic performances here with quite a few pbs. Especial congratulations to Max Pickard for his first U20 placing and a beautifully-judged run.

    Josh Guilmant 00:31:28 11 00:31:27 12
    Max Pickard 00:33:11 26 00:33:09 25
    James Miles 00:33:13 27 00:33:11 27
    Dave Carter 00:33:35 31 00:33:33 31
    Ray Matthews 00:35:44 64 00:35:41 68
    Joseph Francis 00:35:46 65 00:35:40 67
    Bruce Faulkner 00:35:56 71 00:35:51 72
    Gary Thayre 00:36:11 77 00:36:05 78
    Bruce Warren 00:36:51 89 00:36:45 89
    Tom Holborn 00:37:25 105 00:37:14 105
    Nigel Herron 00:38:07 132 00:37:59 133
    Andy Triggs 00:38:32 148 00:38:32 151
    Jon Pike 00:38:36 152 00:38:28 154
    John Marinko 00:38:38 153 00:38:29 156
    Lance Bellers 00:38:49 161 00:38:43 164
    Jim Whitelegg 00:39:02 170 00:38:55 176
    Erica Martin 00:39:06 176 00:38:59 178
    Terry Avey 00:39:59 221 00:39:52 231
    Andrew Neighbour 00:40:45 257 00:40:07 245
    Elizabeth Durman 00:41:01 275 00:40:49 279
    Roland Harrington 00:41:56 319 00:41:37 327
    Malcolm Kemp 00:42:30 355 00:42:14 369
    Tony Holborn 00:43:48 436 00:43:30 464
    Gina Mcgeever 00:45:47 582 00:44:55 585
    Michelle Arthurs 00:49:13 866 00:48:12 886
    Cathryn Walsh 00:50:29 960 00:49:17 994
    Deb Friis 00:51:23 1057 00:50:19 1117
    Carolyn Austen 00:59:01 1718 00:58:21 1850
    Ananda Mello-Costa 01:03:22 2040 01:00:53 2051
    Paul Thomas 01:17:24 2412 01:14:54 2414

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  • Sussex Grand Prix

    Phoenix Races

    Sun 14 Nov 2010

    Thanks to Andy Bone and the team for a smoothly-run and successful event. Feedback has been good about the changes to distance and format. There is a full report and link to results together with a picture gallery in the news section.

  • Road Race

    New York Marathon

    Sun 7 Nov 2010

    Max-Patrick Lippert  3:07:12 (Half 1:29:56) 1415th
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  • Sussex Grand Prix

    Barns Green Half Marathon

    Sun 31 Oct 2010

    3rd Ian Leitch 1:10:27
    27th Joe Francis 1:20:27
    40th Bruce faulkner 1:21:56
    70th Nigel Herron 1:25:41
    78th Chris Mills 1:26:35
    102nd Phil Hampshire 1:28:06
    132nd Lance Bellers 1:29:38
    169th Brian Friend 1:32:01
    185th Andrew haig 1:32:56
    233rd Daren Elliot 1:35:12
    243rd Terry Avey 1:35:23
    314th Stephen Webb 1:38:01
    373rd Tony Holborn 1:39:53
    383rd Elizabeth Halliday 1:40:02
    940th Rik Taub 1:56:39
    1646th Paul Thomas 3:14:57

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  • Triathlon

    Thruxton Mass Attack Duathlon

    Sun 24 Oct 2010

    Date: Sun 24th October 2010 | Location: Thurxton Motor Racing Circuit
    Run 5k / Bike 30k / Run 5k


    62. Erica Martin 01:39:38


    Erica was 5th lady O/A and 2nd in her A/G


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  • Cross Country

    Sussex XC league (1) Goodwood

    Sat 23 Oct 2010

    And they're off! Cross-country league 1 took place at Goodwood on Saturday 23 October. The good news is that Phoenix were represented in all age groups, both male and female. The less good news is that The U17 boys, the U15 girls, the U13 girls and the senior women were short of a full scoring team. The points are made up by taking the number of runners in each race and adding ten points to complete the scoring and that is a heavy penalty!

    The U13 boys are in a handy 6th place, within striking distance of the medals. Archie Davis ran an excellent race for 4th with the ever reliant Matt Berridge and Will Russell backing him up. The U13 girls are in 11th place with Charlotte Matthews and Madeline Houghton running solidly.

    In the U15 categories Jody Mann was only representative for the girls, running well for 12th. The U15 boys with four runners led by Billy White (3rd) were second team.

    In the U17 boys event Charlie Grice cruised to a well-judged win with Will Durkin impressing for 5th place. They are 5th as a team.

    The senior women would have scored well with a third runner to back up Liz Durman (12th) and Deb Friis (59th). As it happened the cavalry in the guise of Anita and Rachel arrived just too late for the start. So – they are languishing in division 2 for the moment.

    The senior men were short of a few lead runners for one reason or another but put in a spirited performance with Finn McNally (6th), Max Pickard (7th), new member Tom Hopkins (9th) and James Miles (16th) putting us into an excellent 2nd position.

    The vets led by Garry Thayre (51st) are in 5th but just a handfull of points away from 3rd spot.

    Three to go and all to play for as they say, but let's complete those teams folks.

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  • Fun Run

    Beachy Head Marathon

    Sat 23 Oct 2010

    Those that ran it were agreed this is a great race but the results are a mess. Only the top ten finishers had names matched to times. This seems inexcusable for such a high profile event.

    As far as we can work out, these are the Phoenix finishers:

    Jon Pike 3:32 16th
    Liz Halliday 3:58 84th
    Matt Plass 4:06 114th
    Elena Moore 4:43 364th

    Excellent performances all round.

    Results (if you insist)

    Better to read Liz's report

  • Sussex Grand Prix

    Lewes Downland 10M

    Sun 3 Oct 2010

    Rain, strong winds, mud underfoot and of course the usual killer hills made this a fun day out for a strong Phoenix contingent.

    18th Bruce Faulkner 1:10:09
    29th Daren Elliot 1:12:09
    30th Brian Friend 1:12:21
    34th Lance Bellers 1:13:23
    35th Jim Whitelegg 1:14:02
    58th Andrew Haig 1:17:30 (ist M65)
    94th Liz Halliday 1:23:02
    116th Vimukta Thurlow 1:27:28
    130th Rik Taub 1:31:09

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