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  • Multisport (Tri)

    Eton Dorney Standard Distance Triathlon

    Sun 26 Jun 2022 (Eton Dorney Lake)

    Bobby Searle excels in her first ever standard distance triathlon. She was 2nd out of 24 women in 2:32:24 and won her age group. To top it off she completed a 10k PB after nearly two hours of cycling and swimming in 37:25:07. Incredible performance...well done Bobby!

      Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Overall Cat
    Bobby Searle 00:30:04 00:2:54 1:20:32 0:1:27 0:37:25 2 1




  • Multisport (Tri)

    Various (inc. Multisport Championship)

    Sun 12 Jun 2022 (Leeds, Wales and Sussex)

    Sunday 12th June saw a number of our fabulous multisport athletes competing at various events. 

    In the Club Multsport Championship there was a very close finish in the women's race at the Mid Sussex Sprint Triathlon with Erica Martin and Nina Atherton each taking 2nd place in their age categories, Erica 4th and Nina 5th woman overall, with less than a minute separating them. Tim Jones came in 12 man overall in 01:18:13 and Mark Walker also competed well at Mid Sussex.

    Meanwhile at the Eastbourne Sprint Triathlon there was a similarly close finish between the top two men with Geoff Manns pipping Lewis Hendon-John, again by less than a minute, to the top spot in the men's championship. Tim beats both Geoff and Lewis in the Club Championship racing at faster paces. Martina Tiziani and Nick Cressey also did well as they continue their triathlon improvement. 

    Eastbourne results   Mid Sussex results

    Liz Halliday competed bravely and well at the AJ Bell Leeds Standard Tri while carrying an injury and Kirsty Bunning excelled, finishing 16th out of 107 female finishers at the Slateman a tough, hilly standard tri in Wales. 

    AJ Bell British Championships results  Slateman results

    Next up in the Multisport Championship is our Standard Triathlon at Bewl Water on 7th August...

    Phoenix Multisport Championship              
    Women Name Time Swim Bike Run Points Cat Pos Gen Pos
    Mid Sussex Erica Martin 01:24:25 00:08:06 00:53:42 00:19:23 12 2 4
    Mid Sussex Nina Atherton 01:25:16 00:07:20 00:53:50 00:20:30 10 2 5
    Eastbourne Martina Tiziani 01:42:22 00:18:05 00:50:16 00:28:42 8 13 76
    Mid Sussex Tim Jones 01:18:13 00:07:13 00:47:52 00:19:49 12 6 12
    Eastbourne Geoff Manns 01:20:39 00:13:31 00:40:36 00:23:33 10 17 116
    Eastbourne Lewis Hendon-John 01:21:24 00:14:45 00:43:13 00:20:31 8 17 124
    Mid Sussex Mark Walker 01:24:11 00:07:02 00:53:16 00:20:38 6 6 30
    Eastbourne Nick Cressey 01:50:01 00:13:07 00:52:15 00:36:51 5 29 254
    AJ Bell Leeds Standard Triathlon Liz Halliday 03:05:10 00:31:22 01:26:33 00:53:15   13 202
    Slateman Standard Triathlon Kirsty Bunning 03:30:10 00:27:05 01:58:34 01:11:29   13 16

  • Multisport (Tri)

    Virtual Aquathlon

    Sun 22 May 2022 (Anywhere)

    Week ending 22nd May marked the end of the window for our Virtual Aquathlon - a 750m swim and 7.5k run to be completed in one day. We had 4 women and 7 men take part with Danielle Simpson excelling, winning the women's race...including a swim in 11:04 beating all comers, men and women. Val Avella and Jude Matthews were second and third.

    Jack Donaghy won the men's race beating Matt Greenall and Tim Jones into second a third respectively. 

    Next up is the Sprint Triathlon and we are accepting entries into either the Eastbourne Triathlon or the Mid Sussex event, both are on the 12th June. Placings for the Championship will be based on paces over each course, so that we can include entries to both events. Entries close for both events soon. 

    Women 750m swim 7.5k run         Time
    Danielle Simpson 00:11:04 00:33:00 00:44:04
    Valentina Avella 00:16:46 00:36:31 00:53:17
    Jude Matthews 00:19:03 00:44:31 01:03:34
    Martina Tiziani 00:21:41 00:53:53 01:15:34
    Men 750m swim 7.5k run         Time
    Jack Donaghy 00:11:33 00:28:54 00:40:27
    Matt Greenall 00:13:57 00:29:35 00:43:32
    Tim Jones 00:13:00 00:31:10 00:44:10
    Lewis Hendon-John 00:14:59 00:29:59 00:44:58
    Geoff Pike 00:14:00 00:35:25 00:49:25
    Geoff Manns 00:14:45 00:37:48 00:52:33
    Eogan Mckenna 00:14:39 00:44:53 00:59:32

  • Multisport (Tri)

    Westonbirt Duathlon

    Sun 27 Mar 2022 (Westonbirt, Gloucs)

    Erica Martin gets her season off to a good start ... second woman in the Westonbirt Sprint Duathlon.  

    Overall pos     Cat Cat pos Run 1 Bike Run 2 Time
    29 Erica Martin F40-49 2 00:21:42 00:43:38 00:21:36 01:28:46

  • Multisport (Tri)

    Oulton Park Sprint Duathlon (European Age Group Qualifier)

    Sun 3 Oct 2021 (Oulton Park)

    Erica Martin qualifies (yet again!) for the GB age group team in the European Sprint Duathlon next year, joining Nina Atherton who had pre qualified for Bilbao.

    Congratulations Erica!!   

    Overall Cat (F35-39) Run 1 (4.3k) T1  Bike (21k)   T2 Run 2 (4.3k) Overall time
    17 2 00:17:19 00:01:21 00:39:53 00:01:13 00:17:12 01:17:01

  • Multisport (Tri)

    2021 Europe Triathlon Championships Valencia

    Sun 26 Sep 2021 (Valencia)

    Pos (25-29 age group) Name Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
    7 Jack Donaghy 02:04:44 00:26:46 00:00:52 00:59:31 00:01:33 00:36:02

  • Multisport (Tri)

    Ringmer Duathlon

    Sun 19 Sep 2021 (Kings Academy, Lewes Road, Ringmer, E Sussex, BN8 5RB)

    On what looked like being a drizzly and damp Sunday morning for the DIY, virtual Ringmer duathlon the weather turned out ok for a small but perfectly formed multisport posse. 

    Liz created the course based on the cancelled Ringmer event that we were hoping to do. The start was staggered so that everyone finished each leg more or less together with transitions neutralised, although more time might have been spent together had some of us not taken wrong turns here and there...but everyone raced the distances if not the courses!

    All that remained was to have a drink, a roast and a chat before what, for some, was a gruelling journey on probably the busiest day of the year on the roads surrounding Brighton! 

    Many thanks to Pauline, Alex Bonzi and Dan for support and bike security! It was also good to see Alex out on his bike again after a long layoff.

    Name 7k run 23k bike 3.4k run Time Points
    Erica Martin 00:29:21 00:41:49 00:13:59 01:25:09 12
    Nina Atherton 00:31:10 00:43:32 00:15:30 01:30:12 10
    Liz Halliday 00:33:44 00:42:26 00:17:08 01:33:18 8
    Hannah Felton 00:35:06 00:55:00 00:16:41 01:46:47 6
    Lydia Felton 00:37:13 01:01:54 00:21:55 02:01:02 5
    Name 7k run 23k bike 3.4k run Time Points
    Geoff Pike 00:33:03 00:43:09 00:15:19 01:31:31 12
    Malcolm Hughes 00:35:00 00:41:17 00:15:51 01:32:08 10
    Eogan McKenna 00:48:00 00:51:00 00:23:00 02:02:00 8

  • Multisport (Tri)

    Box End Triathlon, Standard Distance European Championship Qualifier

    Sun 5 Sep 2021

    Pos Name Time Category Cat Pos Gen Pos Swim T1 Cycle T2 Run
    11 Jack DONAGHY 02:18:39 M25-29 5 11 00:24:55 00:01:32 01:10:50 00:01:01 00:40:19

  • Multisport (Tri)

    Bewl Water Standard Tri

    Sun 8 Aug 2021 (Bewl Water, Lamberhurst, Kent, TN3 8JH)

    The fifth event in the Club Multisport Champs saw a handful of hardy Phoenix souls brave what looked like was going to be pretty unpleasant conditions at Bewl standard distance triathlon. However, the triathlon Gods smiled on us and although the reservoir was a tad choppy it could have all been a lot worse! 

    The top performer was Kerry McGawley, second woman, in 2:27:30. Kirsty continues her meteoric improvement and beats Erica by 4 seconds. Well done all, including the Magnificent Mckenna who was unable to finish but cheered us all on in his inimitable style! And thanks to Lee McGeever for his support too. 

    There was also a sprint triathlon on the same day with Mark Walker and new members Martina Tiziani and Nick Cressey competing.

    Well done everyone!

    Standard Triathlon 1500m Swim 40k Bike 10k Run Total time
    Kerry McGawley 0:29:27 1:11:06 0:41:55 2:27:30
    Kirsty Bunning 0:32:16 1:21:30 0:46:40 2:46:41
    Erica Martin 0:36:40 1:22:30 0:41:09 2:46:45
    Gina McGeever 0:33:10 1:20:58 0:51:14 2:51:33
    Liz Halliday 0:35:58 1:27:31 0:51:44 3:01:41
    Geoff Pike 0:34:18 1:25:06 0:45:05 2:50:11
    Eogan McKenna Supporter Extraordinaire! 

  • Multisport (Tri)

    London Triathlon (Sprint/Standard Tri)

    Sun 8 Aug 2021 (London, ExCeL Centre)


    Jack Donaghy

    8664 M


    02:05:53 00:24:48 00:03:06 00:58:38 00:02:51 00:36:33

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