About Brighton Phoenix

Brighton Phoenix is an athletics and triathlon club that promotes excellence in running events from the track all the way up to ultra-marathons, from short course multisport events all the way to long distance triathlons. We offer training and racing opportunities to everyone from 9-79 (and beyond) in a spirit of friendship and mutual support. We are non-discriminatory and non-judgmental: we are about everyone being the best athlete they possibly can.

We believe in ‘inclusive excellence’. For us excellence is not measured in absolute performance but in the performance relative to someone’s ability, effort and general commitment. We appreciate the limitations imposed by life/work/family balance, and the other demands and pressures we are all subject to. Within this context a 4-hour marathon for one athlete is a bigger achievement than a sub 3-hour marathon for another.

We currently have around 400 members training and competing in running and multisport at local, regional, national and international levels, or just looking to get fit and stay healthy. We do encourage our members to race, but we never force them to: it’s always a matter of personal choice.

The club is managed and led by volunteers most of whom have many years experience in racing and training. Our coaches are UK Athletics and British Triathlon Federation qualified and our Board has specific legal, management and sport administration skills and experience.

Welcome to your club, welcome to Brighton Phoenix!