Club Records_

Club Records

These are our overall club records, not age group records.

To set one you must be a first claim member. We have some pretty quick second claim members who are unfortunately not eligible.

Club Records

Event Men's Time Women's Time
100m Toby Harries 10.57 Savannah Echel-Thomson 12.33
200m Toby Harries 20.92 Savannah Echel-Thomson 24.98
400m Toby Harries 46.36 Savannah Echel-Thomson 54.68
800m Steve Ovett 1:44.81 Bridget Smyth 2:04.30
1500m Charlie Grice 3:30.62 Bridget Smyth 4:11.12
Mile Steve Ovett 3:48.40* Bridget Smyth 4:37.88
3000m Steve Ovett 7:41.30 Bridget Smyth 9:00.30
5000m Steve Ovett 13:20.06 Erica Martin 17:37.09
10000m Ben Tickner 29:36.32 Erica Martin 37:01.40
3000m Steeplechase Mark Rowland 8:07.96** TBC TBC
Road 10km Steve Ovett 28:16 Beth Kidger 33:57
Half Marathon Steve Harris 64:08 Rachel Gorman 82:24
Marathon Ian Leitch 2:18.34 Sharon Rodwell 2:48

* = Former World Record

** = Current UK Record