Constitution of the Club

May 2018

This document supersedes all previous versions of the club constitution.

1 Title

The name of the club: Brighton Phoenix

The club Logo:

The Club Colours:  White with navy logo or navy with white logo

2 Headquarters
Withdean Stadium, Tongdean Lane Brighton

3 Aim of Club
The promotion of amateur athletics and triathlon.

4 Management
Management of the club is vested in a board consisting of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson
Secretary, Treasurer, Coaching Director, Membership Co-ordinator, Senior Representative x2 , Juniors’ Representative, Multi-Sport Representative, Social Secretary , Communications Officer and Club Captain. All board members shall be elected annually. Other members may be co-opted onto the board for the remainder of the year as required. Five board members shall form a quorum.

5 Membership
Membership of the Club shall be open, on application, to anyone interested in recreational or competitive running and or multisport, regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, race, nationality, sexual orientation, occupation, religion, political or other beliefs. New members will be issued with a membership card and a copy of the club rules and training sessions. Members shall abide by the rules of the club and of the governing board of the sport (either UK Athletics or British Triathlon Federation ). All members should act in a sporting manner at all sporting events and not bring the club into disrepute either by their actions or lack of action. The categories of membership are senior, junior, student, associate and honorary. In championship events members competing for the club must wear appropriate club colours and if entering any other event under the club name (and thereby obtaining financial benefit) should also wear club colours unless prior dispensation has been obtained from the club.

6 Subscription
The annual subscription and any other fees will be agreed at the Annual General Meeting for the current year. The fee will be payable by new members on election and annually thereafter at the rate set at the AGM. Any increase in registration fees imposed by England Athletics will automatically be added to the annual subscription as it occurs.

Renewal will be in March or September. Any member who fails to renew his/her membership for a period of six months after renewal is due will cease to be a member and may not compete under the club name until their membership subscription is up to date. Anyone no longer wishing to be a member shall inform the Membership co-ordinator in writing of this. The board also reserves the right to withdraw membership from any individual and will inform that individual in writing of this decision and reasons for it.

7 Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting shall be held during the first quarter of each year. The purpose is to present the board’s annual report and financial statement, elect officers and deal with specific items on the agenda. The Secretary must give twenty eight days notice of the AGM to every member. Any business to be placed on the agenda must be given to the Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting.

Nominations for election of officers must be tendered at least seven days before the AGM.

All paid up members and honorary members, over 16 years of age, shall be allowed to vote. However 2nd claim members may not vote on issues that also affect their first claim club. Motions will be carried if a two thirds majority of the eligible voters present are in favour. The Chairperson shall have a casting vote. Members who are unable to attend the meeting (for any reason) shall be entitled to vote by proxy by appointing any other member who is attending the meeting to speak and vote on their behalf (including the Chair). The form of proxy shall be in writing (including email) and may (but does not need to) specify how the proxy is to vote.  

8 Extraordinary general meeting
The Secretary must call an EGM within 14 days of receiving a written request by ten percent of the paid up and honorary membership. Such a request must state the business to be discussed. Seven days notice (using best efforts) shall be given to members of an EGM. No other business shall be dealt with at such a meeting. Voting rights will be as in rule 7. Members who are unable to attend the meeting (for any reason) shall be entitled to vote by proxy by appointing any other member who is attending the meeting to speak and vote on their behalf (including the Chair). The form of proxy shall be in writing (including email) and may (but does not need to) specify how the proxy is to vote.

9 Alteration to Constitution
The constitution may only be changed at either an AGM or EGM with notice given as in rule 7 and 8

10 Management Board
The Board will meet bi-monthly on the first Monday of that month or nearest Monday  if that should fall on a bank holiday. Any items for discussion should be presented to a board member in writing at least eight days before such a meeting. Any club member may attend such a meeting, however: -

  • They may only speak if invited to do so
  • They may not vote

Minutes of board meetings will be available on request from the Secretary. The secretary should give seven days notice of a board meeting. The agenda for the meeting should be available to any member on request.

Any member of the Board who cannot attend a meeting shall tender their apologies to the secretary in advance and submit their report in writing.

11 Sub-Committees
Each of the sub committees if formed shall meet bi-monthly and in any case the representative shall tender a written report to the next Management Board meeting , this should normally be presented in person .

12 Complaints
Any complaint about the club or board members of the club shall be made in writing to a board member and shall be signed. Any such complaint must be dealt with at the next board meeting. Such complaints may be treated as confidential at the discretion of the board.

13 Coaching
The club requires that all club coaches receive appropriate training on recognised courses and enhanced DBA checks before they can perform coaching duties. Club coaching policy shall be set by the Coaching Director and agreed at board level and must be adhered to by all coaches. Coaching sessions and plans should be agreed by the Coaching Director and regularly reviewed.

14 Child Protection
The club will appoint two (one male one female) child protection officers and the child protection policy will be available for any member to inspect on request.

15 Events
Any Events or advertised training sessions organised in the name of the club must be approved by the board. Funding for organised events and participation must have prior agreement at board level.