Phoenix Multisport Championship_

Event details

We hold an annual club multisport championship for our paid-up members. In this you will be awarded points according to where you are placed in any of the five designated races in comparison to your fellow club members (of the same sex!). Only your three highest places count toward the final score. There is a trophy for the highest placed male and female and this will be presented at our annual awards night.

You do not need to do all the events but obviously the more events you do the more chance you have of improving your best three scores from five events

In the event of two or more members attaining the same score the trophy will be awarded to the person that placed highest in the open results of the three open events.

We will provide updates on the scores as the season progresses. For our own 'virtual' events we will let all members know how to submit their results nearer the time. For the 'real' events please remember as always to use the exact club name 'Brighton Phoenix' on your entry form so that we can find you easily when searching the results. Check our website Results page and if any of yours are missing submit them via the “Submit race result” option on the website Contact page or email Geoff Pike at  

You compete in the virtual or club organised events at your own risk and agree to abide by all UK Government and British Triathlon guidance to ensure safe and healthy racing. You agree to respect all persons and property when you undertake your activity. 

Any questions please ask Geoff Pike or Liz Halliday via the WhatsApp group or email

This year’s championship events are...

  1. Virtual Aquathlon 20-27th May (inc. the Bank Holiday Monday 27th). This is a 750m swim and 7.5k run. It can be done in any order swim first then run or run then swim, on any ONE day in the race week (8 days). We will provide opportunities to do the swim at Pells and/or Sea Lanes 
  2. Mid Sussex Tri Club Sprint Triathlon Sunday 16th June. This event is a 400m (pool) swim, 25k bike and 5k run. link to the race. This race has featured for many years in our club championship and is one of the most popular local races. 
  3. Goodwood Motor Circuit Sprint Duathlon Sunday 7th July. This year we are trying a new event the Goodwood Motor Circuit Races. It is a 3.8k run1, 19k bike, 3.8k run2. Click here to enter the race.
  4. 1066 Standard Distance Triathlon Sunday 1st September. Again we are trying a new event this year. It is a 1500m sea swim, 40k bike and 10k run. Click here to enter the event 
  5. Club organised off road duathlon (this will be organised in late September, details tbc) this will represent the season ending competition and hopefully will include a pub lunch and celebration of the two championship winners.  

For more information on multisports training, head over to our training section.