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  • Triathlon

    Grendon Sprint Triathlon

    Sun 9 May 2010

    This was an age group qualifying race for European and World Championships over a 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run.

    Well done to:
    Tim Woodman 1:23:18 22nd AGJ male
    Deb Evers 1:32:53 9th AGJ female
    Sue Hudson 1:54:32 6th AGK female.

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  • Triathlon

    Goodwood Duathlon

    Sun 9 May 2010

    10 km run, 40km bike, 5km run

    10. John Marinko (41:39/0:22/1:15:54/0:47/20:01) 02:18:44

    Well Done to John.

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  • Triathlon

    Steyning Triathlon

    Sun 2 May 2010

    Long Race

    Swim 800m, bike 36km, run 8km

    6. Malcolm Hughes (13:46/0:54/55:28/0:31/31:56)1:42:37 AG 2

    9. Chris Mills (14:24/0:41/57:44/0:23/33:42)1:46:57 AG 2

    10. John Marenko (15:16/0:56/57:42/0:32/33:51)1:48:19 AG 3

    63. Deborah Evers (16:11/1:12/1:09:34/0:46/44:03)2:11:48 AG 1

    86. Cathryn Walsh (19:36/1:51/1:13:13/0:54/49:31)2:25:09 AG 6


    Long results


    Sprint Race

    Swim 400m, bike 20km, run 5km

    25. Stuart Townsend (8:00/0:40/33:38/0:26/18:35)1:01:22 AG 5

    35. Karn Sandilands (7:15/1:56/34:33/1:24/18:23)1:03:34 AG 9


    Sprint results

  • Triathlon

    Cambridge Duathlon

    Sun 2 May 2010

    7.5km run / 40km bike / 7.5km run


    155. Erica Martin (31:05/0:59/1:26:33/1:06/32:18)2:32:04 Gender Position17 Cat Position 3


    This was a qualifying race for the World Champs in Edinburgh next September. If this result is confirmed Erica has qualified.

    Well done Erica

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  • Cross Country

    Three forts Full and Half Marathon

    Sun 2 May 2010

    Some terrific running here on a tough, hilly downland course.

    In the marathon Ivan Lyons ran 4:39:17 for 78th place. In the Half Marathon Tom Coates was an excellent third in 1:25:01, Brian Friend took the over 50 award 11th place overall in !:37:05, Lenka Sobotkova was 37th overall (2nd woman) in 1:44:40.

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  • Triathlon

    ETU Duathlon European Championships

    Sun 2 May 2010

    Run 10km, bike 40km, run 5km


    Bronze. Paul Thomas 03:24:22 (1:11:59/2:18/1:31:48/1:35/36:44)


    Well done to Paul on his Bronze medal in the paratri race. The race was held in Nancy, France.


    TRI-3 Results

  • Triathlon

    XXVI Volcano Triathlon-Lanzarote

    Sat 1 May 2010

    Swim 1.5km, bike 40km, run 10km


    21. Rachel Bibby (25:10/3:25/1:30:14/1:26/51:53) 2:52:06


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  • Road Race

    London Marathon 2010

    Sun 25 Apr 2010

    Phoenix fielded just four runners this year (Brighton Marathon having attracted a good few). Andy Bone has been just outside that magic 3 hour mark for the last few years (3:02 in 2009) but having trained with single-minded dedication was rewarded with a magnificent 2:54:58 for 715th place. Tom Farsides also smashed decisively  through the barrier with a pb by 3:40 to record 2:57:23 (858th). Daren Elliot knocked about 37 minutes from his 2009 time to record 3:19:00 2948th and Lance Bellers running his first marathon, and with training interrupted by injury, managed an impressive 3:27:35 (3954th). Well done everybody.

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  • Road Race

    Brighton Marathon

    Sun 18 Apr 2010

    Great weather, great organisation, great support. The inaugural Brighton Marathon was a success beyond most people's expectation. And Phoenix featured large on the day. Second claim member, Tom Naylor was, with Tim Hutchins, the event organiser – so hearty congratulations to them. Olympic Champion and club founder Steve Ovett started the race. Mike Whyte and Tim Woodman fulfilled their pacing roles to perfection and, of course, 29 of you took part and came up with some quality performances. We had four runners under three hours led by returning member Neil Boniface (7th in 2:41:23). Mike Greenwood ran the best judged race of all finishing 18th in a time of 2:50:13 which shaves his previous best by some 25 minutes!. Good to see Daryl Hards back in shape and although he slipped back in the closing miles managed an impressive 2:54:36. Max-Patrick Lippert was supposed to be running the Boston Marathon but his plans fell to ash (of the Icelandic variety) but he was offered a last minute place in the race and responded with an even-paced 2:59:42 for 90th position. As you can see from the list here, a further 18 Phoenix athletes finished under four hours with everyone safely home by five. As if that weren't enough, Charlie Grice won the mini mile event. Last year Charlie broke Steve Ovett's 800m Brighton schoolboy record, taking it down to 1:55.80. On Sunday he got to meet the great man in person. Archie Davis was first U13 boy in the mini mile.

    7 [2:41:23] BONIFACE, Neil
    18 [2:50:13] GREENWOOD, Michael
    29 [2:54:36] HARDS, Darryl
    56 [2:59:42] LIPPERT, Max-Patrick
    90 [3:05:15] TOWNLEY, Mike
    121 [3:08:46] PIKE, Jon
    133 [3:10:45] BEARD, Leigh
    230 [3:16:21] NOVIS, Robert
    248 [3:17:29] FIELD, Andrew
    269 [3:20:12] BONZI, Alexander
    289 [3:20:35] HERRON, Nigel
    299 [3:21:21] FRIEND, Brian
    306 [3:22:47] POWELL, David
    480 [3:28:42] WHYTE, Michael (pacer for 3:30)
    771 [3:39:11] HARDS, Peter (Kim)
    889 [3:41:51] LYONS, Ivan
    962 [3:39:35] MITCHELL, Jon
    1084 [3:46:02] McNALLY, Liam
    1122 [3:44:40] BIBBY, Rachel
    1161 [3:46:31] SHIELDS, Luke
    1270 [3:51:45] AVEY, Terry
    1318 [3:53:21] HOLBORN, Tony
    1509 [3:53:08] SANDILANDS, Tess
    1712 [3:54:33] WOODMAN, Tim (pacer for 4:00)
    2507 [4:09:19] PERRY, Rachel
    3321 [4:24:27] HALL, Joanne
    3741 [4:32:10] GREGORY, Louise
    3898 [4:40:01] KEMP, Malcolm
    4419 [4:42:59] REGAN, Lucy
    4729 [4:46:25] MELLO-COSTA, Ananda
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  • Triathlon

    Uckfield Community Triathlon

    Sun 18 Apr 2010

    swim 200m, bike 16km, run 3.5km

    Faye McClelland 1st female  (3:32/40:41/12:19)56:32

    Well Done Faye!

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