This page gives an overview of multisport at Phoenix and the variety of training opportunities that are available to members. 

What is multisport?

Multisport is the dedication of training and racing to swimming, cycling and running, or two of these three. The other main titles include Duathlon, (Run, Bike, Run), Triathlon (Swim, Bike, Run), Aquathlon (Swim, Run) and Aquabike (swim, bike) all these formats can be competed in over various distances and terrains. If you want to improve your run/swim/bike skills by joining us, we would be more than happy to have you on board!

Multisport is also a lifestyle sport, which rolls various disciplines into one race format. It is guaranteed to challenge you like no other and also provides useful cross-training opportunities for the runners at the club.

Phoenix lead cyclists at the Half Marathon

Multisport has a strange, attractive force, which gradually pulls you into its orbit. Many participants have come from a single-discipline sport, wishing to have more variation in training or looking to increase the challenge and enjoyment of competition.

There is no doubt that some people organise their lives around multisport, while others just want to have a go and see what the sport is all about. Brighton Phoenix can help you either way – we have nearly 80 multisport athletes at all levels of competition, ranging from novices in their first season to seasoned international standard athletes.

We have British Triathlon Federation (BTF) coaches at Levels 1 and 2  as well as specialist UKA running coaches and a specialist swim coach who will all be happy to advise you in any aspect of the sport, whether you are just wanting to give it a try, or if you are an experienced athlete wanting help with your training.

There are also many club members who have a great depth of triathlon experience between them at distances from super sprint to ironman, and from small local events to international competitions. They will always be willing to share their advice and experience with new members.

If you have just joined or wish to see what we are about, have a look around our site, come along to a few sessions and start to get into the multisport scene. 

Swim training with Phoenix


Our club provides numerous training training opportunities for seniors in swim, bike and run and we have members that compete in multisport events on a regular basis. We are affiliated to the British Triathlon Federation and we have coaches qualified by that body, as well as drawing on UK Athletics run coaches. The sessions have also been valuable to our runners for cross training and injury rehabilitation.

The following are our main training sessions. Please look in the main Phoenix Community WhatsApp group for the specific WhatsApp groups of interest to you and to find out more about specific sessions. We cannot link to the groups here as there are data protection security concerns.

Monday evenings:

At 6.15 there is the opportunity to link up on GoogleMeet to go through a one hour bike turbo/spin session from your own home. This session includes a warm up, some drills, then a main set of intervals, typically around 25 minutes of effort, followed by a cool down and stretch. It is free, any member is welcome to join and you will find further details and the GoogleMeet link on the Club Triathlon and Turbo WhatsApp page ... just turn up and work! 

Non members can also be invited but we need emergency contact information, just in case! 

Tuesday evenings:
From April to late October we have bike/run brick sessions (6.30pm) at various locations that will be advertised in advance of the session. These will be primarily Preston Park Velodrome, Stanmer (in front of the house) or Falmer Pond. Venues are publicised on the Club TRI AND TURBO WhatsApp group. Again this is free to members. 

We have also recently secured up to two lanes at Sea Lanes (50m) outdoor, heated swimming pool. This session is at 7.00pm (costs £9 for lane hire) but is not coached, although there will always be a suggested swim session provided. These have to be booked on to via the Club SWIM WhatsApp group (the links are in the group description). This is an ideal opportunity to practice swimming outdoors in a wetsuit as the pool temperature is typically 16-19 degrees celsius.

We are also looking into working with PowerWatts at Sea Lanes to run a 45 minute coached cycling class. However, this will depend on interest within the club. If it comes off the session will be at 6pm.  

Wednesday evenings:
Track night at Withdean (5.45 or 6.45). This is free to members, and triathletes and runners are coached together in a 6k interval running speed session. Please book on to these using the links in the group description via the seniors WEDNESDAY TRACK Club WhatsApp group. 

Thursday evenings:
From May to October we have coached swim sessions once a week in the 50 yard outdoor Pells Pool in Lewes (£6 for lifeguard and pool hire) the time varies each year but is typically at 8pm. Again, this is an ideal opportunity to practice wet suit swimming and open water drills. Times are confirmed on the Club SWIM WhatsApp group and you will need to book on using the link in the group description. 

From November to April the coached swim session moves indoors to Roedean Pool (£7.50 to cover pool hire and lifeguarding) and booking as above. This session starts at 6.30pm. 

Thursday evening there is also the option of the Club Run, details here

As well as the more regular training opportunities with the Club, tehre are also numerous smaller groups who get together to train in the different disciplines, at various paces and distances. As you meet more members you will get invited to train with different people. 

We have some experienced triathletes and duathletes that compete regularly, including internationally, and we have had some newcomers to multisport competition, in all age groups, that have enjoyed the above sessions, got into the sport and raced with some excellent results.

To demonstrate that the swim sessions cater for ALL abilities two of our more 'experienced' athletes reflect on their swim progress here

Our own Charlotte Matthews has produced a very good guide to transition skills - take a look and remember to 'Like'.

To all those interested in Triathlon, Duathlon, and Aquathlon training we have WhatsApp groups as in the text above, so that we can easily communicate training sessions and other relevant info. If you'd like more information please send an email to our lead coach or Geoff Pike the Club MultiSport rep Go here, if you'd like to join the club.

For information on the British Triathlon Federation and links to sanctioned events and how to join Triathlon England go to:

Club documents
See training notes for club rules, inclusion policy, open water guidelines and emergency procedures.

We run an annual club multisport championship - head over to the events page to find out more.

You can also find details of local multisport, cycling and swimming events, qualifying for GB age group teams and other useful links here.

Bike Security

Tri Bikes are expensive and theft of bikes is increasing , make sure you have insurance  and also a note of the frame number and details including a photo.Club mates can recommend good insurance policies. Register on the national bike register.

Some basic precautions are to ensure that if you use STRAVA or equivalent your bike details are not shown and set your STRAVA so that your privacy settings are at least 800m away from your residence. Look out for anyone watching where you take your bike when returning from a ride. Dont post pictures on social media of your bike.

If your bike is stolen register it on as soon as possible as many places that might buy bikes will check this site if its a high value bike.

Post race photo from the Mid Sussex Triathlon

Swim training at Pells Pool, Lewes