Run Sessions_

Monday lunchtime

Venue: Preston Park North East Corner near cycle track
Time: 12:30pm
Type of session: Speed Endurance
Coach: uncoached
Suitability: Seniors, all abilities

Park session including a hill on each circuit. Either 5 or 6X6minutes or hills. Approximately 5-6 miles excluding recoveries. Sometimes hill repeats.

Monday evening "Phoenix Nights"

Preston Park North West Corner next to London Road (winter)
PP Cycle track (summer)

Time: 6.15pm Warm-Up 6.30pm Start
Type of session: Speed Endurance Intervals
Coach: Josh Guilmant
Suitability: Senior/older junior athletes

Suitable for 18 minute 5K athletes and quicker. Session covers approximately 30 minutes of effort but will vary throughout the seasons.

Wednesday evening "Phoenix Track" Night

Withdean Stadium Track

Senior Group 1
(meet near 100 metre start area)
Time: 5.45pm & 6:45pm
Type of session: Technical warmup drills followed by approx 5K of track intervals
Coaches: Sue Hudson and Liz Halliday
Open to club members and new participants to try for 3 sessions.
Mixed ability group aimed at increasing speed endurance for 5K up  to marathon distance. Training plans followed for various distances through the year but also suitable for "drop-ins".

Senior Group 2
(meet near 50 metre home straight)
Time: 6:45pm for 7:00pm start
Type of session: Speed Endurance
Coach: Malcolm Kemp
Suitability: Suitable for 18 minute 5K athletes
Speed endurance session for athletes training for 5K up to the marathon.

Sprints Group
(meet near high jump apron)
Time: 6.30pm
Type of session: Sprints
Coach: Andy Fozzard
Suitability: Suitable for 14 and over

Middle Distance Group
(meet in stand near finish line)
Time: 6:15pm for 6:30pm start
Type of session: Middle distance training appropriate for time of year
Coach: Joel Kidger
Suitability: Middle distance athlete or train and race regularly

Thursday evening club run

Winter start: Withdean Park and Ride car park
Summer starts: Dyke Road Avenue; Asda Holligbury and The Swan, Falmer
Suitability: Seniors, all abilities
see Thursday Club Run page


Venue: Varies, track in the summer and normally grass at different venues in the winter
Time: varies normally 10:00am winter 10:45am summer
Type of session: Middle distance sessions either tempo, hills or intervals
Coach: Joel Kidger/Bruce Warren
Suitability: U15 upwards (invitation only due to limits on numbers)

Other sessions do take place on Saturdays but are usually arranged by certain groups of athletes to fulfil their own training requirements.


Venue: Varies, normally Stanmer Park or from Shoreham following Adur River
Time: 9:00am
Type of session: steady run
Coach: Bruce Warren
Suitability: U15 upwards

Need to be able to run at the pace of the group. Normally two groups one running 5miles the other 7-10 miles, to attend athletes need to be able to run at a pace to stay with the group, this would be to run comfortably at 7:30 mile pace for 5 miles on the flat.


Various groups make informal arrangements to meet at different times, athletes can normally find a group to run with those suits their training needs and at a time convenient with their personal circumstances.