Wednesday coached sessions_

Coached run track sessions on Wednesdays for our adult members

(amended March 2024)

For athletes over the age of 20 we hold 2 bookable sessions as below .  Guest athletes wishing to try a session must contact have specific permission from one of our coaches, or have registered in our membership system. To do this, see the link on the membership page to register for 3 taster sessions. Only those who have registered their contact details and booked a place via the link that's sent to you by email after registration is done, may attend Wednesday track sessions.

Access to the track is ever changing at the moment while additional sports facilities are being constructed, so please join the Wednesday Track WhatsApp group for the latest information. If in doubt use the main leisure centre entrance and make sure they know you are a Phoenix athlete or you will be charged to enter.

The group will meet near the 300m start in front of the throws cage.

We will aim to have two coaches  minimum between them coaching  up to 30 athletes. We will provide a 60 minute coached session comprising a balanced mix of drills and technique training and intensive intervals.

Club member athletes will need to use the booking link found in the ‘Wednesday Track’ WhatsApp group description to book their 60 minute time slot  ( anyone unable to use Whatsapp please contact the coaches).

Please wear suitable run clothing and warm or waterproof layers as appropriate. Bring water but please ensure you are well hydrated beforehand. Both sessions can cater for all standards but this is an intensive approx 5k to 6k interval session aimed at those who want to improve their running speed so be prepared to work hard. As this is a coached session you need to be able to hear the coaches and also hear other runners for safety so we DO NOT allow the use of headphones whilst running. Use of phones in armbands are also discouraged for safety reasons. Please ensure the coaches are aware of any medical or injury issues before th session.




Track Etiquette

The track can be fairly busy with different groups so to avoid collisions  please warm up in the outside lanes only and in a clockwise direction ( sessions will be run anticlockwise). Be aware of faster runners and keep as near to the inside of lane 1 as possible to allow room for faster runners to overtake. Always look carefully before crossing the track. When finishing an interval run right to your finishing line then onto the inside of the track - never stop suddenly whilst still on the track.

Athletes attend at their own risk and by attending agree to abide by the current Covid-19 social distance guidance and respect all users of the track. Athletes must perform their own pre-attendance Covid-19 symptom assessment check ( see below) and must not attend if they have symptoms or are isolating.

Athletes must arrive at the meeting point already warmed up, we recommend at least a 15 minute warm-up run and dynamic stretches before the structured drills.

Please observe any current government health and safety advice.

A risk assessment is available and it is recommended that athletes familiarise themselves to ensure they comply with all the measures necessary to minimise risks. 


Here is some guidance that we ask all those attending all venues to follow:

  • Runners to  dress appropriately for the weather, and to bring warm / waterproof clothing for after session or if an emergency occurs.
  • Runners are to observe current social distance  guidance at all times and must not touch anyone else’s belongings.
  • Runners are to face away from all other people when breathing.deeply
  • No spitting allowed.
  • No equipment to be shared / handled.
  • Water bottles and clothing to be personalised clearly and not shared
  • Please do not attend if you have been in close contact with someone who is covid positive
  • We advise against training within a day or two of vaccination.

Health assessment

Please read the following documents to assess your health status each week before attending: