Strength and conditioning_

Senior Strength and Conditioning (S&C)

 Where: FMG Project, Kensington St, Brighton

A great facility operated by a Phoenix affiliated charity - See here for details of the facility

When: Various, from 7:30 am onwards until 13:00 - See this link for booking and price - These are Open gym sessions with a P.T. in attendance, not specifically for Phoenix members. We hope to have specific club sessions soon.

These sessions are usually called ‘Strength & Conditioning’ or ‘Circuits’, but basically are one and the same.

The reason for Strength & Conditioning is the physical & physiological development of Athletes for an elite sport performance. Strength & Conditioning is more than just lifting weights. It encompasses the entire development of the Athlete & what is needed to improve their physical performance.

Circuit training or resistance training is a form of body conditioning using high intensity aerobics. It targets strength building and muscular endurance. Regardless of age or discipline, this should be on every coaches training program as part of the development of their Athletes. Therefore our sessions include upper body strength, core strength, leg work and general overall fitness.

Equipment used: Hand weights, Kettle bells, Bosu Balls, Swiss Balls + more….

Contact details:See this link for booking and price