There is no one-size fits all training blueprint, and no substitute for tailored individual advice from a good coach, but here we list a few videos, books, articles and websites that some of our members and coaches have found useful. They are not necessarily endorsed by the club, nor are any of them sponsored links. We hope you find them useful. 

First up is this link sent to us by Keisha, a young woman in the US, who found our resources page useful for a college project but felt we could do with a link for absolute beginners...this was her recommendation! It includes useful advice like 'take bear spray if you know your area has bears' ... you can never be too sure, and might actually be useful should you find yourself running on West Street in Brighton at 1am on a Saturday night!! 

Coaching resources

These are websites/pages to support those who are thinking of or are starting out in coaching.  

Books and articles on running

Books on running that members have read and found useful. 

  • Road Racing For Serious Runners - Pete Pfitzinger & Scott Douglas (
  • The Art of Running Faster - Julian Goater & Don Melvin (Human Kinetics)
  • Endure: Mind, body and the curiously elastic limits of human performance - Alex Hutchinson


Articles that you might find useful

If, like me, you've wondered if your running cadence is too slow, you might be interested in these articles.

1) If your cadence is less than 180 steps per minute while running at 5k pace you might want to improve it slightly. This recent article from Runners World also includes a few tips to improve your cadence Running Cadence.

2) Much of what James Dunne of Kinetic Revolution has to say about running is worth reading/listening to. Main away from this article is increasing cadence is a good way of avoiding knee injuries but don't try and increase your cadence too much, too quickly as you'll get calf/achilles problems!  

Run Drills/Training

These videos are drills to do/practice/help with running form etc. 

There are a variety of run drills that can be perfomed prior to a session. The following is a basic set of run drills that would activate the full range of muscle groups. This drill set is useful particularly prior to a hard interval session. Ideally it would preceded by a 5-10 minute warm up consisting of easy jogging gradually increasing pace a little and ending a with a few sets of strides. Looking at these videos (none a more than a minute long) would help with executing some of the drills prior to a wednesday track session. 

  1. Foot rolls
  2. Walking lunges
  3. Walking hamstrings
  4. Functional Balance or high knee walking
  5. Fast feet: high knee
  6. High knee walking Progression
  7. A skips
  8. Low skips
  9. Carioca
  10. Strides  


Swim drills and training

In this section we provide some swim videos and examples of drills that are commonly used in our swim sessions to help with practice and revision before swim sessions.

Multisport and Triathlon specific training resources

Here we have some videos that support your multisport training

Transition tips from our own Charlotte Matthews


Tools/Apps to support your training

These are used by some members and contain additional training materials should you decided to sign up to them.