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  • Road Race

    Munich Marathon

    Sun 9 Oct 2011

    Congratulations to Lance Bellers who has been training hard for this one and was rewarded with an 8 minute pb!

    M45 Lance Bellers 3:19:37 559th (111st AG)

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  • Road Race

    Southern Road Relay Championships

    Sun 25 Sep 2011

    The senior men were an fantastic 14th out of 62 teams, the top 25 go to Nationals, well done guys.

        Phoenix A.C.    1:58:01
        Finn Mcnally    18:57    17    14
        Max Pickard    19:37    17    20
        Charlie Grice    19:02    14    9
        Jake Elliott    20:28    17    24
        Sam Wade    20:16    17    21
        Josh Guilmant    19:41    14    15

  • Road Race

    Hellingly 10k

    Sun 11 Sep 2011

    Full results

    33 32 Terry Avey 43:35 M V5
    60 188 Stuart Pal 45:58 M V1
    76 137 Liz Halliday 48:29 F  V3  
    86 112 Sonal Chaudhary 49:24 F S


  • Road Race

    Hove Park Fun Runs

    Sun 5 Jun 2011

    Five firsts for Phoenix young athletes including two course records.

    Boys U15 2300M
    1st 7:06 Billy White  NEW COURSE RECORD
    2nd 7:38 Sam Kitchen
    4th 8:52 Will Russell

    Boys U13 1500M
    1st 4:55 Archie Davis  NEW COURSE RECORD

    Girls U13 1500M
    1st 6:11 Maria Andrews
    5th 7.00 Alex Vidler
    6th 7:04 Tallulah M-Jackson

    Girls U11 1500M
    1st 5.54 Almi Nerurkar
    6th 6.21 Louise Saunders
    7th 6.25 Mia Whitaker-Jones
    9th 6.33 Esme Whitworth
    13th 6.54 Hannah Andrews
    15th 7.01 Ruby Graves

    Boys U11 1500M
    17th 6.26 William Saunders
    24th 6.44 Gillespie Jackson
    34th 7.36 Miles Jamie

    Boys U9 800M
    1st 2.56 James Lucas
    5th 3.18 Lukas Nerurkar

    Adult 5K
    5th 17:58 Daren Elliot
    16th 19:14 Paul Collicutt
    100th 22:33 Sonal Chaudhary

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  • Road Race

    London 10k UKA Champs

    Mon 30 May 2011

    UKA Champs 20 place Phoenix Ac 1:38:13 Top 3 to score
    43 80 Guilmant, Josh GB 0:31:36
    51 125 Mcnally, Finn GB 0:31:54
    131 160 Wade, Sam GB 0:34:43

    Josh Guilmant Men 18 - 39 00:15:23 00:31:36

    Finn Mcnally Men 18 - 39 00:15:26 00:31:54

    Sam Wade Men 18 - 39 00:17:02 00:34:43

    Joseph Francis Men 18 - 39 00:18:01 00:36:42

    Andrew Neighbour Men 18 - 39 00:20:41 00:41:47



  • Road Race

    Bognor Prom 10k

    Sun 15 May 2011

    30th Michael Whyte 38:40
    31st Daren Elliot 38:53
    54th Terry Avey 40:35 (1st M60)

    4th team

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  • Road Race

    Manchester 10k

    Sun 15 May 2011

    Josh ran in the South of England team that finsihed 2nd in the inter-area match

    46 Josh Guilmant 31.10

    inter-area results

    1st North of England
    2nd South of England
    3rd Wales
    4th RAF

  • Road Race

    Sussex Road Relays

    Sat 23 Apr 2011

    The lateness of Easter meant brilliantly sunny and warm conditions, and a good turnout from the club was rewarded with a fair share of the honours. The U13 boys, who fielded two teams, kicked us off with a silver medal – Archie Davis taking individual bronze (third fastest leg). Next was a splendid gold-team performance by the over 60 men and then, highlight of the day, a spirited gold-medal performance by an inspired senior men's team. Sixth after two of the six legs, the next four laps took them one minute ahead of arch-rivals Brighton and Hove. Josh Guilmant won individual gold and Tom Hopkins bronze. Charlie Grice was actually second fastest runner of the day behind Josh which made him U17 gold medalist. We scooped all the individual medals in that category – Will Durkin was second and Jake Elliot was third.

    U13 Boys
    A team 2nd
    B team 14th

    U13 Girls
    A team 17th

    Senior Men
    A team 1st
    B team N/S (9th)

    Senior Women
    A team 7th
    B team N/S (15th)

    O40 Men
    A team 4th
    B team 5th

    O50 Men
    A team 4th
    B team 10th

    O 60 Men
    A team 1st

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  • Road Race

    Boston Marathon

    Mon 18 Apr 2011

    Tom Farsides 3:18:11

  • Road Race

    London Marathon

    Sun 17 Apr 2011

    Whew – what a race that was! And that was just our gallant band of Phoenix athletes

    These are the one's i know about. As seems to be the fashion, the results are not searchable by club. If I've missed you out can you email

    Dave Carter 02:41:11
    Mike Whyte
    Jim Whitelegg 3:36:16
    Emma Satterly 4:06:06
    Elana Moore 4:12:24
    Terry Avey 4:14:49
    John Lamb 4:20:55

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  • Road Race

    Brighton Marathon

    Sun 10 Apr 2011

    Hotter than expected but what a fantastic spectacle and, in the circumstances, some tidy performances for Phoenix.

    The results don't allow for club or age category search so if I've missed you out please let me know.

    25 Alex Bonzi 2:54:51                                                                                     
    32 Mike Townley 2:56:49
    40 Jon Pike 2:59:31
    72 John Marinko 3:07:34
    147 Miles Davidson 3:13:55
    166 Bob Novis 3:14:45
    346 Brian Friend 3:24:09
    349 Daren Elliot 3:25:20
    473 Jonathan Hancock 3:29:41
    514 Sam Priestnall 3:31:26
    536 Andrew Field 3:31:15
    607 Andrew Neighbour 3:32:54
    872 Tom Holborn 3:42:14
    1155 Stuart Batchelor 3:47:59
    1296 Ivon Lyons 3:50:07
    1650 John Lamb 3:57:53
    1862 John Tindell 4:00:35
    2005 Terry Avey 4:04:50
    4950 Cathryn Walsh 4:47:08

    Kurt Hoyte guided a blind runner, Keith Turner of Arena 80, to a 4:09:39 finish

    Full results

  • Road Race

    Brighton Marathon Mini-Mile

    Sun 10 Apr 2011

    Our junior athletes were out in force on Brighton Marathon day. There was a terrific entry in the ten races that constituted the Mini-Mile. We were winners in no less than four of those races with pride of place going to Charlie Grice, winner of the U18 boys for the second year running.

    It was especially encouraging to see 21 young athletes from the Phoenix starter group with some stunning results especially in race 7 (2nd, 3rd and 6th).

    Here are the results. If I've missed you out please email me to correct.

    Race 1 U18 boys
    1     Charlie Grice 4:18
    3     Will Durkin 4:33

    Race 1 U15 boys
    1     Sam Kitchen 5:09
    8     Will Russell 6:03

    Race 2 U15 girls
    4     Jody Mann 6.05
    8     Camille Burton 6:24
    9     Maddelaine Houghton 6:25
    18     Lea Sawicki 6:53

    Race 3 U13 Boys
    2    Archie Davis    05:27
    5    Matthew Berridge    05:53
    12    Joe Kelly    06:05
    21    Harry Swindells    06:15
    29    Joe Aston 6.34
    85    Joshua White    07:34
    93    Alex Marinko Maechler    07:40

    Race 4 U13 Girls
    3    Maria Andrews    06:15
    7    Charlotte Matthews    06:26
    9    Elorah Mann    06:34
    13    Annie Tree    06:48
    14    Zoe Sawicki    06:52
    15    Ateya Marshall    06:53
    17    Mia Roach Penn    07:02
    20    Tara May    07:11
    22    Alex Vidler     07:12
    23    Tallulah Jackson-Marriott 07:13
    24    Eve Hull 7.14
    30    Kiera Counihan 7.21
    32    Laura Bird    07:24
    49    Alice Chapman 7.42
    50    Constance Pope 7.44

    Race 5 U11 Boys
    1    Luca Bigg    06:02
    38   Miles Jamie 7.14

    Race 6 U11 Boys
    1    Samuel Betts    05:50

    Race 7 U11 Girls
    2    Cicely Perry 6.45
    3    Mia Whitaker-Jones 6.48
    5    Claudia Betts    06:57
    6    Esme Whitworth 7.01
    17   Marie Belcher 7.28
    20   Abi Roach Penn 7.34
    26   Amelia Arlett 7.47
    29   Alice Jeffrey 7.54
    47   Laura Hewlett 8.32
    76   Lottie Bentham 9.12

    Race 8 U11 Girls
    6     Louisa Saunders 7.15
    10   Ruby Daniels 7.22
    16   Ruby Graves 7.34
    21    Miranda Wright 7.43
    35    Isabel Whitelegg    08:01
    36    Franchesca White 8.02
    69    Madeleine Marinko Maechler 9.00

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  • Road Race

    Reading Half Marathon

    Mon 21 Mar 2011

    54th Dave Carter 1:13:54
    263rd Michael Whyte 1:24:09
    395th Jim Whitelegg 1:26:42
    443rd Ray Matthews !:1:27:40
    498th Brian Friend 1:28:08
    2196th Liam Chessel 1:42:36

    THe race was won in 1:03:03 by Edwin Kipyego
    There were 12,308 finishers

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  • Road Race

    New York Half Marathon

    Sun 20 Mar 2011

    Mo Farah won the NYC half marathon in 1:00:23

    Chasing him were the doughty Phoenix contingent who had flown in just hours before

    1102nd Malcolm Kemp 1:34:43
    1774th Phil Hampshire 1:40:46
    5734th Carol Webb 2:03:59
    5736th Steve Webb 2:04:00
    6981st Jeanette Dobson (Phil's partner) 2:11:13

    There were 10,188 finishers

    Full results

  • Road Race

    Bath Half Marathon

    Sun 6 Mar 2011

    17th Josh Guilmant 1:09:38

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  • Road Race

    Brighton Half Marathon

    Sun 20 Feb 2011

    Great performances by Phoenix (and well done to Paul and the marshalls too). Quite a few pbs – Bruce Warren, jim Whitelegg and Paul Thomas knocked huge chunks off their previous times.

    2nd 1:08:30 Ian Leitch
    8th 1:12:58 Dave Carter
    14th 1:15:22 Daryll Hards
    29th 1:18:50 Bruce Warren
    34th 1:20:05 Bruce Faulkner
    41st 1:20:52 Mike Townley
    52nd 1:21:37 Mike Whyte
    80th 1:24:18 Joe Francis
    105th 1:25:24 John Marinko
    129th 1:26:20 Jim Whitelegg
    176th 1:27:54 Phil Hampshire
    194th 1:28:24 Brian Friend
    243rd 1:29:23 Andrew Neighbour
    471st 1:34:15 Jon Mitchell
    506th 1:35:04 Terry Avey (1st M60)
    636th 1:36:58 Phillip Stevens
    670th 1:37:48 Tom Sanderson
    751st 1:38:54 Jonathan Lamb
    826th 1:38:32 Stuart Batchelor
    1331st 1:45:49 Stephen Fewings
    1561st 1:47:22 Carol Webb
    2146th 1:52:03 Peter Hards
    2641st 1:57:14 Rik Taub
    5496th 3:05:29 Paul Thomas

    Great turnout for the junior races as well with Isaac Wright, Max Winter and Archie Davis in great form.

    8–11 year olds
    1st Isaac Wright 5:02
    2nd Max Winter 5:05
    Then well done to the rest of the Phoenix 'team' who finished in this order: Almaz Nerurkar, Charlotte Matthews, Louisa Sanders, Harry Swindells, Mia Whittaker-Jones, Adam Willard, Annie Tree, Lukas Nerurkar, Tallulah Jackson-Marrot, Daisy Reuby, Joshua White, Miles Jamie, Marie Belcher, Constance Pope, Alice Chapman, Laura Bird, Eve Hull, Alice Jeffrey, Laura Hewlett, Isabelle Curd, Madelaine Marinko Meacher.

    12–16 year olds
    2nd Archie Davis 4:40
    25th Chay Reuby 6:07

    Full results

  • Road Race

    Rock n Roll Arizona – Phoenix marathon

    Sun 16 Jan 2011

    Brian Friend kicked off the Phoenix marathon season with an excellent run at this (30,000 runner) event.

    He set a target of 3:15 so his 3:14:44 is as close as dammit! This gave him 261st place with a remarkable AG 3rd.

    Well done Brian. We have to get him back now to head the O50 team in the masters XC champs next weekend.

    Full results

  • Road Race

    New York Marathon

    Sun 7 Nov 2010

    Max-Patrick Lippert  3:07:12 (Half 1:29:56) 1415th
    Full results


  • Road Race

    Goodwood XC relays

    Sat 2 Oct 2010

    The U13 boys (Reuben Hoyte, Archie Davis and Matt Berridge) took team silver as did the vet men (Garry Thayre, Dave Powell, Daren Elliot, Malcolm Hughes).

    The senior women's A team (Kate Kidger, Megan Kidger, Beth Kidger) took bronze with the B team (Erica Martin, Michelle Arthurs and Liz Durman) fourth. Vet women (Rachel Bibby, Liz halliday and Lesley Fairburn) were 5th in their race.

    The senior men (Josh Guilmant, James Miles, Joe Francis and Jake Elliot) were 6th with Josh running the fastest leg of the day overall.

    Full results

  • Road Race

    SEAA 6/4 stage relays Aldershot

    Sun 26 Sep 2010

    This is keenly fought by all the major clubs in the South. In this environment we would always hope to be at least in the middle of the results and...guess what – thats pretty much what each team achieved with some sepecially tasty performances. The only disappointment was the complete absence of women's and girls teams.

    Boys U13's   17th (out of 31)   48m 19s 
    Reuben Hoyte        11m 31s
    Matthew Berridge   12m 22s
    Will Russell
               12m 57s
    Archie Davis          11m 29s

    Senior men   34th (out of 62)    2:03:14
    Dave Carter                       20:00 44  

    Matt Barrie                        20:27 36 

    Max Lippert                       20:54 38 

    James Miles                       21:17 40  

    Josh Guilmant                    19:09 32  

    Joe Isherwood                   21:27 34   

    Vet 40 men   18th (out of 31)    1:32:27
    Ray Matthews
                        23:01 42 
    Lance Bellers
                        23:36 34
    David Powell
                         22:25 29
    Malcolm Hughes
                   23:25 24   


    Full results

  • Road Race

    BUPA Great North Run 2010

    Sun 19 Sep 2010

    Max-Patrick Lippert 01:17.31 77th (60th AGE/GENDER) PB?

    Carol Webb 01:46.17 4676th (23rd AGE/GENDER)

    Julie Ellis 02:02.36 13201st (400th AGE/GENDER)

    Steve Webb 02:16.37 21457th (1003rd AGE/GENDER)



  • Road Race

    Bristol Half Marathon 2010

    Sun 5 Sep 2010

    Wet conditons didn't stop some great times at Bristol's 22nd Half Marathon.
    Lance tucked under 90 minutes for the first time and Jim knocked 5 minutes off his PB.

    Andy Bone         1:21.53 151st
    Lance Bellers      1:29.44 498th PB
    Jim Whitelegg     1:30.56 575th PB
    Rebbeca Hodder  1:36.42 1185th



  • Road Race

    Kings Head Canter 5k ( point to point)

    Mon 30 Aug 2010

    5k point to point


    27 0:19:55 ROLLINGS, Robert

    29 0:20:17 SOROKIN, Matthew

    34 0:20:37 AVEY, Terry

    68 0:23:07 HALLIDAY, Liz

    182 0:32:43 HUDSON, Sue


  • Road Race

    Bognor Prom 10K

    Sun 16 May 2010

    20th Michael Whyte 38:49, 38th Andy George 40:21, 47th Terry Avey 40:49, 315th Pat Kearney 48:34.

    Full results

  • Road Race

    London Marathon 2010

    Sun 25 Apr 2010

    Phoenix fielded just four runners this year (Brighton Marathon having attracted a good few). Andy Bone has been just outside that magic 3 hour mark for the last few years (3:02 in 2009) but having trained with single-minded dedication was rewarded with a magnificent 2:54:58 for 715th place. Tom Farsides also smashed decisively  through the barrier with a pb by 3:40 to record 2:57:23 (858th). Daren Elliot knocked about 37 minutes from his 2009 time to record 3:19:00 2948th and Lance Bellers running his first marathon, and with training interrupted by injury, managed an impressive 3:27:35 (3954th). Well done everybody.

    Full results

  • Road Race

    Brighton Marathon

    Sun 18 Apr 2010

    Great weather, great organisation, great support. The inaugural Brighton Marathon was a success beyond most people's expectation. And Phoenix featured large on the day. Second claim member, Tom Naylor was, with Tim Hutchins, the event organiser – so hearty congratulations to them. Olympic Champion and club founder Steve Ovett started the race. Mike Whyte and Tim Woodman fulfilled their pacing roles to perfection and, of course, 29 of you took part and came up with some quality performances. We had four runners under three hours led by returning member Neil Boniface (7th in 2:41:23). Mike Greenwood ran the best judged race of all finishing 18th in a time of 2:50:13 which shaves his previous best by some 25 minutes!. Good to see Daryl Hards back in shape and although he slipped back in the closing miles managed an impressive 2:54:36. Max-Patrick Lippert was supposed to be running the Boston Marathon but his plans fell to ash (of the Icelandic variety) but he was offered a last minute place in the race and responded with an even-paced 2:59:42 for 90th position. As you can see from the list here, a further 18 Phoenix athletes finished under four hours with everyone safely home by five. As if that weren't enough, Charlie Grice won the mini mile event. Last year Charlie broke Steve Ovett's 800m Brighton schoolboy record, taking it down to 1:55.80. On Sunday he got to meet the great man in person. Archie Davis was first U13 boy in the mini mile.

    7 [2:41:23] BONIFACE, Neil
    18 [2:50:13] GREENWOOD, Michael
    29 [2:54:36] HARDS, Darryl
    56 [2:59:42] LIPPERT, Max-Patrick
    90 [3:05:15] TOWNLEY, Mike
    121 [3:08:46] PIKE, Jon
    133 [3:10:45] BEARD, Leigh
    230 [3:16:21] NOVIS, Robert
    248 [3:17:29] FIELD, Andrew
    269 [3:20:12] BONZI, Alexander
    289 [3:20:35] HERRON, Nigel
    299 [3:21:21] FRIEND, Brian
    306 [3:22:47] POWELL, David
    480 [3:28:42] WHYTE, Michael (pacer for 3:30)
    771 [3:39:11] HARDS, Peter (Kim)
    889 [3:41:51] LYONS, Ivan
    962 [3:39:35] MITCHELL, Jon
    1084 [3:46:02] McNALLY, Liam
    1122 [3:44:40] BIBBY, Rachel
    1161 [3:46:31] SHIELDS, Luke
    1270 [3:51:45] AVEY, Terry
    1318 [3:53:21] HOLBORN, Tony
    1509 [3:53:08] SANDILANDS, Tess
    1712 [3:54:33] WOODMAN, Tim (pacer for 4:00)
    2507 [4:09:19] PERRY, Rachel
    3321 [4:24:27] HALL, Joanne
    3741 [4:32:10] GREGORY, Louise
    3898 [4:40:01] KEMP, Malcolm
    4419 [4:42:59] REGAN, Lucy
    4729 [4:46:25] MELLO-COSTA, Ananda
    Full results

  • Road Race

    Rotterdam Marathon

    Sun 11 Apr 2010

    166th Dave Carter 2:45:40

    Full results

  • Road Race

    Sussex Road Relays at Christ Hospital 2010

    Sat 10 Apr 2010

    Seniors men win silver with fantastic fight back by the boys especially Dan, Charlie and Josh). Team - Sam Wade, Max Pickard (U17), Finn McNally, Dan Stepney, Charlie Grice (U17) and Josh Guilmant. Vets Over 60s win bronze despite breaking course record! team Andrew Haig, Andrew Field and Malcolm Kemp Over 50s A team came a creditable 4th. Tony Holborn, Terry Avey and Brian Friend Over 40s A team – 8th Senior women - 9th No juniors! Next year maybe?

    Full results




  • Road Race

    Reading Half Marathon

    Sun 21 Mar 2010

    The Reading Half Marathon seems to attract more and more Phoenix runners each year. Its a fast well-organised mass participation (12000+) event and as such a good try out for the Spring Marathons. Eleven Phoenix Athletes all performed well. Josh Guilmant was our first finisher – 15th in 1:10:12 with Dave Carter (25th 1:12:24), James Miles (57th 1:15:55) and Garry Judd (88th 1:18:09). Andy Bone (120th) broke the 80 minute barrier for the first time with a pb 1:19:54 followed by Tom Farsides (297th 1:25:49), Erica Martin (299th 1:25:47), Lance Bellers (642nd 1:30:23 PB), Anita Jones (1051st 1:34:40 PB), Malcolm Kemp (1136th 1:35:27) and Marc Huws (4548th 1:48:25).

    Full results here

  • Road Race

    Barcelona Marathon

    Sun 7 Mar 2010

    An astonishing 11 minute pb for Michael Whyte (V1 category) for 423rd place in a time of 2:57:11.

    Full results here

  • Road Race

    Saucony 10km

    Sun 14 Feb 2010

    88 Anita Jones 00:44:02, 13th female

  • Road Race

    New York City Marathon 09

    Sun 1 Nov 2009

    Congratulations to Tom Farsides who recorded a PB on the 'slow' NY course

    1075th 3:01:03

    He is now one of a large group of Phoenix athletes who must surely break through that 3 hour barrier next time round.

    Results here

  • Road Race

    SEAA 6 & 4 stage Road Relay champs

    Sun 27 Sep 2009

    The seniors were first Sussex team with great performances all round for 14th place out of 78 completing teams. The over 40 men equalled their best ever position 21/39. Sadly no women's, juniors' or older vets' teams made the start line.

    Seniors: Pat Davoren 18:58, Matt Barrie 20:09,  James Miles 20:38, Finn Mcnally 19:37, Dave Carter 19:57, Josh Guilmant 19:10

    Over 40 men: Daren Elliott 23:50, Lance Bellers 23:13, Ray Matthews 22:50, Gary Thayre 22:21

    Full results



  • Road Race

    Battle 10K

    Sun 6 Sep 2009

    244th Paul Thomas 1:15:21

  • Road Race

    Kings Head Canter

    Mon 31 Aug 2009

    44th Terry Avey 20:24, 84th Liz Halliday 23:34, 110th Andrew Haig 25:07

  • Road Race

    Hove Park Time Trial "Mob Match"

    Sat 18 Jul 2009

    The format of this is a race within a race between the three Brighton Clubs at the Hove Park time-trials. Despite the short notiice nine Phoenix athletes competed. If I've understood the scoring system correctly (smallest club entry minus 3 to determine the number of scorers and points awarded according to position of competing club runners). This gave six to score and our team were Dave Carter 3rd 16:03, James Miles 5th with a 16:42 pb for the event, Tom Coates 9th 17:48, Miles Davidson 12th 18:22, Garry Thayre 14th 18:30 and John Marinko 24th 19:33. Brighton and Hove won it with 30 points, we were second with 49 points and Arena last with 92 points.

    Other Phoenix runners were: Andrew Neighbour 45th 21:02, Andrew Haig 49th 21:31 and Deb Friis 61st 22:40 (a pb for the event by 9 seconds)

  • Road Race

    Southend Half Marathon

    Sun 14 Jun 2009

    Ray Matthews  78th  01:31:25

  • Road Race

    Bexhill 5K

    Wed 27 May 2009

    12th Erica Martin 18:47, 19th Ray Matthew 19:27, 39th Terry Avey 21:29

  • Road Race

    Lindfield Village Run 10.5k

    Mon 25 May 2009

    4th Tom Coates 37:19, 43rd Terry Avey 45:44, 71st Pat Kearney 48:06

  • Road Race

    London Marathon 2009

    Sun 26 Apr 2009

    Dave Carter  2:34:35  93rd

    James Miles  2:55:39 PB  668th

    Andy Bone  3:02:14 PB   1061th

    John Marinko  3:04:21 PB   1167th

    Erica Martin  3:05:07 PB  73rd

    Mike Greenwood  3:14:00 PB  1918th

    Andrew Field  3:20:12   2494th

    Ray Matthews  3:28:00   3377th

    Anita Jones  3:30:44 PB   534th

    Mark Bayliss 3:37:05   4575th

    Brian Friend  3:41:46   5234th

    Roland Harrington  3:42:09  5302rd

    Daren Elliott  3:56:28  7805th

    Andrew Seivewright  4:10:50  10539th

  • Road Race

    Lewes 10k

    Mon 13 Apr 2009

    Quite a few Phoenix runners in this popular Easter Monday race although many representing their second claim fun run clubs.
    Daryll Hard
    s 14th 38:20, Sophie Coleman 20th 38:41, Lewis Hards 33rd 40:05, Daren Elliot 39th 40:47, Terry Avey 100th 44:35, Kim Hards 121st 45:25, Brian Friend 129th 45:46, Andrew Neighbour 150th 46:51, Carolyn Austin 424th 57:46, Sue Hudson 508th 1:06:28.

  • Road Race

    Sussex Road Relay Championships, Horsham

    Sat 11 Apr 2009

    The senior men (Josh Guilmant, Matt Barrie, Dave Carter, Gus Kennedy, Finn McNally, James Miles) took bronze with Josh running a fantastic 9:55 for individual silver. Senior women (Erica Martin, Jody Oliver, Liz Durman) were 4th. Vet men 40 were 5th and vet men 50 were 7th. U13 girls were 7th. Beth Kidger took individual bronze in the U15 girls race. Robbie Fitzgibbon was 4th fastest in U13 boys.

  • Road Race

    Worthing 20M

    Sun 5 Apr 2009

    18th Miles Davidson 2:13:57, 40th Andy Field 2:21:12, 97th Roland Harrington 2:32:46, 362nd Ananda Mello-Costa 3:32:52

  • Road Race

    Rotterdam Marathon

    Sun 5 Apr 2009

    Congratulations to Mike Murphy for his excellent sub-three hours. 2:58:36 (chip time). He'll be an inspiration to others inf Malcolm's training group who are targetting the same mark in London. Watch this space!

  • Road Race

    Reading Half Marathon

    Sun 29 Mar 2009

    Josh  Guilmant 15th 01:08:55 pb
    Dave Carter 25th 01:11:22
    James Miles 61st  01:14:31 pb
    Thomas Coates 138th 01:19:52
    Garry Judd 237th 01:22:53
    Erica Martin 287th  01:24:45
    David Gifford 347th 01:26:13
    Malcolm Kemp 2121th  01:43:02

  • Road Race

    Boxing Day Races Preston Park

    Fri 26 Dec 2008

    Comments will go here

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