All the Way: part 1

Wednesday 13th June 2018

All the Way

Saturday June 2nd was the South Downs Way Relay. This unique race sees teams of 6 and a driver complete the 100miles of the South Downs Way. Starting at Beachy Head, the runners complete legs (3 each) passing a baton, finishing at Winchester. Phoenix had 3 teams running - Well done to the A Teamfor finishing second and the B Team and Women's teams for finishing 3rd.

Women's Team report
This was my first time in twelve years doing the relay without liz H and it felt like an arm or a parent was missing. Erica and Deb were really good replacement navigators though and we didn't miss any changeovers or take any wrong turnings with the driving - even with the worst fog I've ever seen on the relay. The women ran well - after a neutralised section to start so that no one fell off the cliff in the fog - so we were towards the front of our start group and consequently had very little minibus traffic compared to previous years. It was a lovely day out as usual and the new additions to the team were brilliant in their attitudes and it was lovely to be reunited with some runners from previous years. Because there was no bar at the finish we were carrying booze on board and Amelia made the most of it - tucking into a can of Stella immediately after completing leg 13. I'm sure she will be welcomed back with that approach to recovery (and with beating her predicted time on every leg!) and she is already planning how to take my women's beer mile trophy off me!

Thank you ladies for letting this past it old bird be involved in the relay by driving again”

Hildi Mitchell

Liz Halliday also wanted to mention

"The drivers were Hildi Mitchell, Andy Bone and John Marinko to who we give great thanks. Driving is the hardest job of the whole day, and takes the whole day plus you have to drive everyone home at the end!

Our Club marshals at the Ditchling Beacon handover (the Beacon Beauties), a two baton affair. All the exhausted leg 5 incoming runners were welcomed and the leg 6 runners promptly and accurately despatched by our team of marshals - Sue Hudson, Kathryn Harnett, Jude Matthews, Andrew Haig, Jane Edmonds, Malcolm Kemp (in his first year nor running the relay in 22 years!), Geoff Pike and Liz Halliday. Supporters Alex, Jim and Suzanna came and cheered our teams through."