Triathlon Medals for Brighton Phoenix

Thursday 17th May 2012

1 00:53:07 Alex Bonzi 00:08:06 00:32:10 00:12:51
2 00:53:57 Malcolm Hughes 00:08:54 00:31:10 00:13:53
17 01:01:47 Erica Martin 00:09:33 31 00:38:22 00:13:52 ( 2nd Lady)
32 01:06:45 Paule Kremer 00:09:50 00:40:23 00:16:32 ( 4th Lady)
34 01:07:50 Liz Halliday 00:10:11 00:40:17 00:17:22 (5th Lady)
64 01:21:15 Katie Hall 00:14:21 00:49:07 00:17:47

Race Report from Erica

This was my first triathlon of the season and overall was pretty pleased with how it went.

After not really doing any swimming for about 6 months before March I've got back into it over the past 2 months and felt really strong on the swim. I think I may have been a bit ambitious with my time as Malcolm and Alex went off only just after me.
I got a bit carried away sprinting to T1 and slipped over before getting there! I didn't lose too much time doing this and luckily no one saw!

I went out hard on the bike and enjoyed the route. Malcolm came past me halfway round the second lap but he soon disappeared up the road. I also got caught by the traffic lights each time. The final time I think I lost about 45 seconds but theres nothing you can do about it.

I felt good going out on the run and managed to push hard all the way as it was only 3.5km.
I was really pleased with coming second and would definately do this race again.

Well done to Katie who was competing in her first triathlon. Also well done to Paule and Liz who finished 4th and 5th respectively. Liz would have been first vet but unfortunately they only count over 50s in this race.
Alex and Malcolm both did well to come first and second.