“I have benefited so much from being a Phoenix member – I’ve gained true friends and fitness. I have tried things I never would have before… swimming in rivers, open water swimming, running up hills in all kinds of weather, running through rainbows to name a few.”

Kathryn Harnett

“I particularly enjoy the camaraderie amongst runners. At Phoenix that’s amplified x 10. It’s such a welcoming and inclusive club, no matter what your ability. I especially enjoy the track banter, both within our middle distance group and between groups. When you’re suffering, even in training, shouts of encouragement really help keep you going. It’s great! The standard of coaching at Phoenix is very high too. No surprise that we’ve got so many top class athletes.”

Steve Atkinson

“The best thing about running for Phoenix is the atmosphere. Every session there are people talking about races as well as what they do outside of running. The coaches are chatty and encouraging, and talk about their hobbies – mainly football!”

Ben Connolly

“My proudest moment was when I crossed the finish line of my first Ironman. I’d gone from someone who got picked last for every team at school PE to someone who had achieved Ironman status! The best thing about belonging to Phoenix is all the friends I’ve made and people cheering for Phoenix when they see the shirt in a race.”

Hildi Mitchell

“Finding out that at 44 years of age sprinting is really fun!”

Zeina Clare