Grand Prix Glee

Monday 18th February 2019

A great evening out at the Kings Head Hailsham for this year's Sussex Grand Prix 2018 Awards Night, with the Phoenix table once again groaning under the weight of another bumper trophy haul.

The team out included overall individual winners Ash and Amelia, Hannah Felton, Paul Wishart (who came on his bike!), Phil Grabsky picking up awards for himself and daughter Ella, Sarah Russell doing the same for herself and son Will, Malcolm and Andrew our fabulous double act who battled it out to the end as rivals for the V7 title, and Lance who despite hobbling did his usual great job as chief photographer in between picking up awards.

But a special thank you goes to Steve Selby who made it there despite having to head straight off to the airport afterwards, and must have clocked up another 10k getting up every 5 minutes to run to the stage to pick up both his awards and those for everyone else who wasn't there.

As well as picking up runners-up awards in both team competitions (reclaiming the title is our goal for 2019!) we took both the Men's and Women's individual titles thanks to Ash and Amelia, with top-20 Finisher medals also going to Gill Checkley (13th), Matt Greenall (6th), Sean Butchers (7th), Tom Hooper (9th), Paul Wishart (11th), Paul Whelpton (14th) and Will Russell (18th). Amelia and Will also picked up the Ron Grover awards thanks to the number of races they clocked up.

And we had two hat tricks in the Age Category awards with Ella Grabsky, Charlotte Matthews and Connie Jankowski finishing as 1st, 2nd and 3rd Junior Women, and Paul Wishart, Lance Bellers and Phil Grabsky repeating the feat in the V3 Men. The rest of our Age Category medal winners were Caz (3rd V1), Amelia (1st V2), Ash (1st Senior), Matt (2nd V1), Steve Selby (2nd V2), Paul Whelpton (1st V6), Malcolm and Andrew (1st and 2nd V7).