Big W

Monday 30th July 2018

Big W

A bit of Thursday run fun on the Downs was enjoyed by a few this week.

We gathered at The Juggs (a pub in Kingston, Lewes) for a gentle warm-up,‘up' being the key word, to reach the starting point on the course (the NW corner of the Big W). Each runner having estimated their time for the 5K hilly course, was set off in handicap fashion, slowest first. They had the choice of which direction to run and had to navigate the course themselves. This should not have been too hard as most had run it before but maybe the dry and very brown landscape was confusing because of the seven starters only three succeeded in completing all of the correct route!

Phil, and Amelia managed to follow a farmers track and thereby miss out the bottom southerly end of the W, whilst Donald added to the challenge by descending the very steep path toward Kingston, realising his mistake part way and retracing his route to complete the whole course. John Lamb also lengthened the course by following a woman that was nothing to do with us on his way out!

Well done to Andy Pumphrey, Erica Martin and Paul Whelpton for sticking to the course. Of those three, Andy was first back on handicap and Paul Whelpton was fastest.

We retired to The Juggs to rehydrate.