Black Cap Handicap

Sunday 18th June 2017

Thank you to all who took part in our annual Blackcap Handicap and especial thanks to our time keepers Sue Hudson and Rebecca Jewitt, and Andy Pumphrey who marshalled the finish to ensure we recorded everyone's position accurately for handicap purposes. Sadly a few runners didn't make it to the start due to traffic issues.
It was a warm evening for runners but a chill wind ensured those not running were shivering. A herd of cows with calves kept us amused whilst the runners were out of sight.
Resultsherewith Kate Gorman taking winner of the handicap and fastest woman prize and Paul Weir taking fastest man. We had our first DNF, Phil Hampshire trying a return from injury run with Andrew Haig but Andrew was too fast so Phil returned early giving the time keepers a few heart palpitations. Donald and Hildi were hampered by colds and Hildi's dog Pipin completed his first Blackcap.

By Liz Halliday