Awards 2017

Tuesday 13th December 2016

We are building up early for Awards Night 2017 and in the new year we will be posting on the website a list of all the club awards and trophies along with the criteria the Board use to judge who should win in each case. Awards Night is a celebration for all members of the club and a chance for us to get together and show our appreciation towards all committed members of the club; no one should feel they are not in the running for an award simply because they are not the quickest in their age category, dedication and other factors also come into play for most of the awards. The Board are aware that there has been a lack of clarity over what you need to do to win a 'gong' and we hope this will help people understand what is required and create healthy competition within each category. We are also reviewing all aspects of the organisation of Awards Night so feel free to submit any compliments, criticisms and suggestions! Contact: