Senior Men excel at South of England Road Relay Champs

Monday 28th September 2009

The senior men put together pretty much their best team for this prestigious event A devastating first leg by Pat Davoren (18:58) and an equally impressive last leg (19:10) by Josh Guilmant bookended fine runs by the rest of the team. They were rewarded with fourteenth place out of the 78 completing teams. This is the third best result of all time for us. It gives us a qualification place for the National Championships on 17th October and the word is that the team are keen to take up the opportunity.

The other Phoenix team on the day was the over 40 men's team. Twenty-first out of 39 completing teams is also an excellent result in this context, From start to finish our runners just got faster with newcomer Ray Mattews on third leg taking us from 28th to 21st and Gary Thayre holding that place with the fastest leg of 22:21.

This year we were unable to field teams in the women's, juniors' and older vets' categories.

The photos by Lance Bellers show Pat Davoren kicking off for the seniors and the over 40s in action. The team shot of the seniors was taken by a Brighton and Hove runner and is hence out of focus.