Thriving at thirty. Phoenix celebrates

Monday 31st October 2011

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday dear Phoenix, happy birthday to us. Knoyle Hall on the last Saturday in October was the scene of our 30th birthday bash combined with the club awards ceremony.

Chairman Paul set the scene with his opening remarks, touching (of course) on our fine history with its roll call of internationals and national and world champions. but moving on to the extraordinary talent that we have today. Everyone connected with the club must be aware of the achievement recently of our younger members on track, road and country as well as the successes by our triathletes including one current world champion. We are a club very much looking forward, punching above our weight and not resting on our laurels. That's enough of the mixed metaphors!

The awards formed the first part of the celebration and then it was on with the food, the drinks and the dancing. Nerine Standen's husband Joe did the catering and managed to load the tables with an exceptional range of grub to suit all tastes. Andy Bone had managed to acquire a serious looking barrel of Harveys to stand alongside the wines and soft drinks on offer. Very little of anything was left by the end of the evening. We're a hungry and thirsty lot, we athletes. Then the lights dimmed and turntable maestro Rik Taub began to tempt us on to the dance floor. What a set! Once on, there was no quitting.

So thanks to Andy Bone and Ray Matthews who organised the event and to all those who helped out. Congratulations to the award winners. It was such a success that there is talk about doing a combined party and awards ceremony every year. What do you think?

Club awards 2011
Burchell Award for Boys James Lucas
Burchell Award for Girls Louisa Saunders
Club athlete of the year U11 Boy Sam Betts
Club athlete of the year U11 Girl Claudia Betts
Club athlete of the year U13 Boy Mathew Berridge
Club athlete of the year U13 Girl Charlotte Matthews
Club athlete of the year U15/U17 Boy Billy White
Club athlete of the year U15/U17 Girl Megan Lille
Best Performance T & F – Male Charlie Grice
Best Performance T & F – Female Beth Kidger
Best Performance XC / Road – Male Finn McNally
Best Performance XC / Road – Female Erica Martin
Outstanding Team U13 Boys Southern road relays
Tough of the Track Sam Kitchen
Shield for Commitment & Enthusiasm John Marinko
Volunteers Award Bruce Warren
Come-Back of the Year Award Dan Stepney
Veterans Awards O40 Men Bruce Faulkner
Vet Awards O50 Men Terry Avey
Vet Awards O35 Women Liz Halliday
Vet Awards O50 women Lesley Fairbairn
Multisport Awards -– Male Tom Hopkins
Multisport Awards – Female Liz Brama
TSC Outstanding Achievement Award Faye McClelland
Tri Club Champion – Male Malcolm Hughes
Tri Club Champion – Female Erica Martin
Blackcap Handicap winner Ian Moss
Blackcap Fastest Male Ray Matthews
BlackcapFastest Female Sonal Chaudhary
Chairman's Cup Andy Bone

Lance Bellers took the pix