Steyning Duathlon news

Tuesday 14th April 2009

Well done to John, I think that he has qualified to go to Budapest for the European Du Champs in May.

Provisional results;

19. Malcolm Hughes (27:48/49:39/20:26) 1:37:56 AG1st

31. Nigel Herron (28:24/51:50/20:52) 1:41:10 AG3rd

35. John Marinko (27:50/52:32/21:28) 1:41:54 AG7th (qualifies for Euro’s)

There was a serious motorbike accident on the route (completely unconnected to the event), which meant that the bike course had to be closed down, shortly after the athletes from wave one had left on the bike after completing the first run... meaning the race had to be stopped and the athletes return to T2. After some hurried course re-arrangement, the race was then re-started but with the athletes set off in time-trial style for the bike and secong run, and then having their times from the first run added back to their 'second' race...