• Cross Country

    The Big W

    Thu 26 Jul 2018

    Results of the Big W, one of the club's annual fun runs. Check out the news story for more info.

    Estimated time
    Actual time
    Amelia Culshaw
    John Lamb
    Andy Pumphrey
    Correct course
    Phil Grabsky
    Paul Whelpton
    Correct course
    Erica Martin
    Correct course
    Donald Maclellan

  • Fun Run

    The Big W

    Thu 1 Sep 2016

    Seven runners tackled the "Big W" a series of challengingly steep ups and downs on the hills above Kingston.

    Setting off at handicapped intervals on the looped course, runners have the option of which direction they take. Congratulations to Andy Bone who was the only one to turn left at the start and was rewarded with by far the best time.

    Times are approximate since organiser and timekeeper Andrew Neighbour (to whom thanks) opted to run as well.

    1) Andy Bone  25:22
    2) Richard Thompson  26:10
    3) Andrew Neighbour  26:44
    4) Jon Wright  28:20
    5) Malcom Kemp  29:31
    6) Andrew Haig  30:31
    7) Liz Halliday  31:21


  • Cross Country

    The Jog Shop (20M) Jog

    Sun 11 Oct 2015

    This was widely publicised as the last running of this event in it's 24th year. Including many of the most challenging features of the downland route (The Cliff, The Snake. The Yellow Brick Road, The Big W) this is one tough run. Coach Malcolm Kemp had never attempted it before but decided to enter at the last moment with training for only half that distance under his belt.

    In the event he did remarkably well Coming 48th out of 110 finishers in a time of 3:13:34 (3rd M60)

    Full result

  • Fun Run

    The Big W

    Thu 27 Aug 2015

    The Big W, a three mile down-up-down-up-down club run, made a comeback this year.  Congrats to all runners and big thanks to the organisers.

    Name Estimate (in minutes) Time Achieved difference to estimate
    Donald MacLellan 00:20:00 00:22:44 00:02:44
    Jamie (guest) 00:26:00 00:25:59 00:00:01
    Andy Bone 00:25:00 00:26:02 00:01:02
    Jim Whitelegg 00:26:00 00:26:22 00:00:22
    Malcolm Hughes 00:25:00 00:26:46 00:01:46
    Richard Thompson 00:28:00 00:27:18 00:00:42
    Andrew Neighbour 00:25:00 00:27:32 00:02:32
    Jon Wright 00:28:00 00:28:27 00:00:27
    Nigel Herron 00:25:00 00:28:29 00:03:29
    Andrew Haig 00:28:00 00:32:48 00:04:48
    Phil Hampshire 00:28:00 00:32:48 00:04:48

  • Cross Country

    The Big W

    Wed 15 Aug 2012


    11 Runners took on the challenge of estimating their time for a downland run which incorporated the infamous Big W above Kingston.

    Tom has the honour of getting nearest to his estimate but a great battle was fought between James and Donald for the fastest time - although a few seconds behind at the end Donald did look slightly more "composed" at the top of the  very steep sprint to the finish.

    NAME  Estimate Actual Time Difference  
    James Miles 25:14:00 00:23:11 00:02:03  
    Donald MacLelland 26:30:00 00:23:19 00:02:41  
    Andrew Neighbour 28:00:00 00:24:27 00:03:33  
    Tim Olsen 29:00:00 00:25:41 00:03:19  
    Andrew Haig 29:00:00 00:27:01 00:01:59  
    Brian Friend 30:00:00 00:27:41 00:02:19  
    Erica Martin 30:00:00 00:27:51 00:02:49  
    Lizzy Durman 31:00:00 00:27:59 00:02:01  
    Tom Sanderson 30:30:00 00:29:35 00:00:55 * Nearest estimate
    Gary Wilson 40:00:00 00:32:32 00:07:28  
    Mel Newport 45:00:00 00:35:52 00:09:08

  • Cross Country

    Jog Shop Jog (20M)

    Sun 9 Oct 2011

    The Snake, The Big W. The Cliff. Anyone who's ever run this will have these names etched indelibly into their memory. This is one tough 20 miler. Three of our doughtiest distance runners were not put off and, boy, did they do well.

    3rd Tom Farsides 2:35:15
    13th Brian Friend 2:48:44
    22nd Ian Moss 2:54:41

    Great running guys.

    Full results