European Masters championships Pescara, Italy

Wednesday 18th October 2023

Medals for Masters

This year was a late Championship for the Brighton Phoenix middle distance Masters training group. 

We were all aiming to peak late, so pre championship races started in July to avoid burn out. 

Some of us had run the indoor season, so needed to double peak. With coaches Malcom Kemp and Dan Maskell on hand, we were relying on their expertise to guide us to good performances.

Steve Atkinson, Barry Blackwell, Phil Grabsky, Adrian Haines, Nigel Herron, Jonathan Burrell, Kevin Lowe, Mark Halls and James Hodge flew to Rome, Ancona and Pescara to settle in Pescara and a group driving in each day from a stunning retreat in the countryside.

Highlights of the week were:

  • Adrian Haines silver medal 800m M55, typically ran from the front, with a catch me if you can attitude in 2m-06.
  • Steve Atkinson and Adrian Haines silver 4 x 400m M55
  • Jonathan Burrell PB's in 1500/800m at the age of 60
  • Barry Blackwell PB in 800m at age of 55
  • Nigel Herron SB in 800m 
  • James Hodge PB in 800m
  • With a knee injury pre tournament, Phil Grabsky did well to make the start line for 800/1500 and x/c.
  • Mark Halls 7th Half Marathon

We all had an amazing time with terrific camaraderie.

Track and Field

European Masters Athletics Championships

Thu 21 Sep 2023

Name Category Distance Time Position
Adrian Haines MV55 1500 4:27.01 6
Steve Atkinson MV55 1500 4:37.76 10
Phil Grabsky MV60 1500 5:06.40 10
Adrian Haines MV55 400 59.29 2
Steve Atkinson MV55 400 59.51 3
Barry Blackwell MV55 400 64.53 6
Barry Blackwell MV55 5000 19:37.60 5
Nigel Herron MV55 5000 19:54.18 7
Adrian Haines MV55 800 2:06.57 2
Phil Grabsky MV60 800 2:25.80 6
Steve Atkinson MV55 800 2:10.01 6
Barry Blackwell MV55 800 2:22.31 6
Kevin Lowe MV65 800 2:45.04 8
Nigel Herron MV55 800 2:35.50 10

Road Race

European Masters Athletics Championships Half Marathon

Sun 1 Oct 2023

Name Category Distance Time Position
Mark Halls MV60 HM 1:26:13 122

Cross Country

European Masters Athletics Championships

Sun 24 Sep 2023

Name Category Distance Time Position
Phil Grabsky MV60 8KXC 29:33 25

Steve A and Adrian

Barry and Nigel

Mark Halls

Kevin Lowe

Phil G