Phoenix Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve Training Tops- Put Your Order In

Wednesday 6th October 2010

Hi Everyone,

We are expanding the kit that you can now purchase from Phoenix, we are going to get some New long sleeve and short sleeve technical T-Shirts for training made from a similar fabric as the vests

Saucony have offered us a good deal on the proviso that we do a bulk order, We are going for black t shirts with white printing of the small logo on the front and the large Phoenix logo on the back, just like the hoodies.

We are also getting a long/short sleeve white t-shirt with large blue printing on the front and small logo on the back in the style of the vests so that you can race in it if you want to. (maybe very useful in the winter months)

Women's Sizes xs-s-m-l
Men's Sizes s-m-l-xl

Short Sleeve £14
Long Sleeve £18

Sorry at the moment we are not doing Children's sizes.

We need a commitment from members to purchase items before we buy them in. so please email could you email me at and state the
1. size,
2. fit men/women's,
3. colour Black or White,
4. Sleeve length - short/long
5. quantity

at this point we do not need a cheque for the t shits just the commitment to purchase

Please see the attached image for reference.