Multisport Championship 2022: Virtual Duathlon

Tuesday 26th April 2022

Jack and Kirsty take the honours...

The virtual race was to be completed in any one day in the event week 18-24th April. Twelve athletes took to the roads, lanes and trails in and around Brighton and Hove and ran and biked well...

Although numbers were down on last year, it was nice to see a few new faces competing in the Club multisport championship, including the winner of the men's race, in a blistering time of 00:57:33, Jack Donaghy. Lewis Hendon-John, who has made huge improvements since joining Phoenix last year, came second in the men's race, while a more familiar face Tobias Bremer came third.  

Kirsty Bunning won the women's race in 01:13:59, a two minute improvement on her time last year, with Nina Atherton and Val Avella second and third.  

Martina Tiziani a new, and immensely keen, member made her debut, running around Stanmer for the 5k run before joining a big group on the prom for her 20k bike and 2.5k run.

Martina taking part on Hove Prom


Name 5k run 20k bike 2.5k run Time Points
Kirsty Bunning 00:22:57 00:39:00 00:12:02 01:13:59 12
Nina Atherton 00:22:10 00:43:00 00:10:37 01:15:47 10
Valentina Avella 00:23:35 00:43:11 00:12:19 01:19:05 8
Jude Matthews 00:29:04 00:38:36 00:14:48 01:22:28 6
Danielle Simpson 00:22:25 00:51:54 00:12:37 01:26:56 5
Martina Tiziani 00:34:15 00:51:48 00:14:59 01:41:02 4
Name 5k run 20k bike 2.5k run Time Points
Jack Donaghy 00:16:55 00:31:48 00:08:50 00:57:33 12
Lewis Hendon-John 00:18:55 00:37:28 00:09:49 01:06:12 10
Tobias Bremer 00:20:42 00:37:37 00:09:58 01:08:17 8
Geoff Pike 00:21:56 00:38:18 00:10:35 01:10:49 6
Geoff Manns 00:22:21 00:37:48 00:11:11 01:11:20 5
Eogan Mckenna 00:29:42 00:44:57 00:13:27 01:28:06 4

Next up...

is the Virtual Aquathlon to be completed in the week 16-22nd May. This will consist of a 750m swim and 7.5k run, to be completed in any one day in the race week. Get it in your diaries and hopefully we might have a slightly larger turnout!