Super Sprinter

Tuesday 16th October 2018

Super Sprinter

Andrew Brooks gives his account of the Anne Boleyn Super Sprint at Hever Castle. Although he doesn’t mention it, Andrew finished the 400m swim, 20Km bike ride and 4Km run with a new course record - nice work!

“The weather in the morning was overcast and cold; the savvy triathloners had put on their wet suit even before registration!
Water was cold (about 14 degrees) and very cloudy / muddy.
Overall the event was well organised and in beautiful settings, not only was there multiple events but plenty for families to do as well, there was even a fun fair
I found the swim a trial, being a beginner I'm not used to the free-for-all at the start - although we were set off in waves, it was true thrashing mayhem and difficult to get keep composed - not sure why they don't send swimmers off one by one - far more civilised!
The cycle was around the villages and was undulating and open, but was well marshalled
Run was then around the Hever grounds - probably the most scenic part of the tri, and the end was well supported with plenty of drinks and food
Would definitely recommend for next year (be good if they could do the swim better, I'll give this feedback to them)”

Thanks Andrew For this report