Multi-Sports Championships

Thursday 8th March 2018

Multi-Sport Championship

The multisports championship has been running in a similar format for many years. It is designed to add a little excitement to the multisports part of the club - who can perform well over the whole year and over a range of events? It can also help you to select races from the growing number on offer, and lend shape to your season.

How does it work?
You enter some, many or all of the events which have been selected to count towards the championship. In each event you are effectively competing against the other Phoenix athletes there, but you are also competing across the total events available. For each event you will get points based on your performance against your club-mates. These are recorded and your best 3 scores counted towards the final reckoning. If you only race one event you will score but the more you do, the better your chances. You do not need to sign up, but if you want to be sure your entries are not missed, then let us know!

How are the events selected?
The selection of events aims to include a range of multisports events. There will always be an aquathlon, a duathlon and different lengths of triathlon. There is also a commitment to support local events where possible and to select events which are not too expensive. Some events have been regulars over the years, such as the Frosty (which has run on the same weekend for 23 years and never been cancelled!) while others have come and gone. From experience, we know some popular events can be subject to cancellation or changes and so we avoid these.

How do I know my points have been counted?
To ensure your points are counted you MUST make sure you enter as ‘Brighton Phoenix'. If you made a mistake or forgot, then you must e-mail Hildi as soon as possible after the race ( Points are based on published results.

When will the results be known?
The winners (male and female categories) will be announced at the Phoenix awards night at the end of the year

Thanks Hildi for this info!