Master Class

Tuesday 27th February 2018

Master Class

Want to run away from the cold? Nigel & Steve give their thoughts on their recent successes at the South of England Masters Indoors Championships.

Nigel explains:

Vets AC is my and Steve's 2nd claim club (affiliated to British Masters Athletics Federation (BMAF)). The South of England (SofE) indoor champs on Sunday at Lee Valley incorporated VAC champs.
Steve was 1st SofE and VAC in V50 1500m.
I was 3rd VAC V50 in 200m, 3rd VAC V50 in 1500m and 3rd SofE &1st VAC V50 in 800m.
Pat Davoran also won SofE gold in V45 1500m.
We are both entered in the BMAF national champs in 2 weeks time at Lee Valley again.
Steve at 800m & 1500m and me at 800m and 3000m.

Steve gives this advice:

I would encourage more masters athletes to compete indoors next year. It is very accessible and this time of year it is great to be able to race in the warm and dry.
Phoenix is blessed with great coaches and athletes of all ages - including masters - can seek their advice. Firstly, get yourselves down to the senior Wednesday track sessions with Andy Bone and Sue Hudson - they are great and you'll quickly progress. Long distance isn't my forte, but I now hang onto the back of Malcolm Kemp's group on Wednesday nights, building an endurance base for my middle distance races. Knowing my goals, Malcolm set a series of specific middle distance sessions which I do at weekends. Not a massive commitment - they take under an hour including warm up and cool down. I've been doing these alone this year so I'd love to have others to train with next season.
With a focused training, there's nothing stopping others from winning medals and becoming South of England Masters Champions too!