Brighton Marathon a success.

Tuesday 20th April 2010

Great weather, great organisation, great support. The inaugural Brighton Marathon was a success beyond most people's expectation. And Phoenix featured large on the day. Second claim member, Tom Naylor was, with Tim Hutchins, the event organiser – so hearty congratulations to him. Olympic Champion and club founder Steve Ovett started the race. Mike Whyte and Tim Woodman fulfilled their pacing roles to perfection and, of course, 30+ of you took part and came up with some quality performances. We had four runners under three hours led by returning member Neil Boniface (7th in 2:41:23). Mike Greenwood ran the best judged race of all finishing 18th in a time of 2:50:13 which shaves his previous best by some 25 minutes!. Good to see Daryl Hards back in shape and although he slipped back in the closing miles managed an impressive 2:54:36. Max-Patrick Lippert was supposed to be running the Boston Marathon but his plans fell to ash (of the Icelandic variety) but he was offered a last minute place in the race and responded with an even-paced 2:59:42 for 90th position. As you can see from the list here, a further 18 Phoenix athletes finished under four hours with everyone safely home by five. As if that weren't enough, Charlie Grice won the mini mile event. Last year Charlie broke Steve Ovett's 800m Brighton schoolboy record, taking it down to 1:55.80. On Sunday he got to meet the great man in person. Archie Davis was first U13 boy in the mini mile.

7 [2:41:23] BONIFACE, Neil
18 [2:50:13] GREENWOOD, Michael
29 [2:54:36] HARDS, Darryl
56 [2:59:42] LIPPERT, Max-Patrick
90 [3:05:15] TOWNLEY, Mike
121 [3:08:46] PIKE, Jon
133 [3:10:45] BEARD, Leigh
230 [3:16:21] NOVIS, Robert
248 [3:17:29] FIELD, Andrew
269 [3:20:12] BONZI, Alexander
289 [3:20:35] HERRON, Nigel
299 [3:21:21] FRIEND, Brian
306 [3:22:47] POWELL, David
480 [3:28:42] WHYTE, Michael (pacer for 3:30)
771 [3:39:11] HARDS, Peter (Kim)
889 [3:41:51] LYONS, Ivan
962 [3:39:35] MITCHELL, Jon
1084 [3:46:02] McNALLY, Liam
1122 [3:44:40] BIBBY, Rachel
1161 [3:46:31] SHIELDS, Luke
1270 [3:51:45] AVEY, Terry
1318 [3:53:21] HOLBORN, Tony
1509 [3:53:08] SANDLANDS, Tess
1712 [3:54:33] WOODMAN, Tim (pacer for 4:00)
2507 [4:09:19] PERRY, Rachel
3321 [4:24:27] HALL, Joanne
3741 [4:32:10] GREGORY, Louise
3898 [4:40:01] KEMP, Malcolm
4419 [4:42:59] REGAN, Lucy
4729 [4:46:25] MELLO-COSTA, Ananda

Photos by Reg Richardson and Andrew Haig