Tri Star champ honoured

Tuesday 12th November 2013

Charlotte Matthews has been competing in Triathlons since 2010 when she entered her first event with HedgehogTri at Ringmer. She has progressed through the age categories of Tri-Star 1, 2 and finally Tri-Star 3.

On 7th November Hedgehog tri group presented Charlotte with an award as a fitting way to end her period of competing in these children's events.

Charlotte attended a short presentation in Haywards Heath together along with 2 adult winners and a boy from Tri-Star 1. Charlotte was relieved that she didn't have to give a speech - a smile and say thank you was sufficient!

The cup winners were voted by the Hedgehogtri Team for the commitment, sportsmanship and improvement shown during their attendance at the Kidstri events in 2013. The cups are set up in memory of Vera Tigg, Aunt of the Hedger family, who passed away two years ago. This is the first year these cups have been presented and this will be an annual event, winners keep the cup for 12 months. She was presented with a mini version of the cup to keep. Charlotte was thrilled to be the first to have her name on the cup.

Phoenix salutes you Charlotte and is proud to have you as a member... here's to next season!