Bob Novis sets new parkrun record

Tuesday 9th October 2012

We've all been tempted when reaching a new age group. Get down to parkrun and see how we measure up. Bob Novis did this in spectacular style. His birthday was at the end of September and the following week he was at Hove Park to tackle what was one of the best over 60 marks in the country. Our own Andrew Haig had set the standard in 2008 with 18:36. A couple of years later, Peter Whitcomb of Brighton and Hove lowered it to 18:32. Bob blew this away with a stunning 18:23 which, incidentally, puts him 7th in the national rankings.

Phoenix are doing spectacularly well at parkrun and currently hold seven of the age group records. They are:

JM14 Billy White 16:33 (85.7%)
JM 15-19 Charlie Grice 14:45 (90.29%)
SM 20-24 Jon Pepper 14.39 (88.05%)
SM 25-29 Josh Guilmant 15.04 (85.62%)
SM 30-34 Ben Tickner 14:30 (89.20%)
VM 60-64 Bob Novis 18:23 (87.22%)
SW 20-24 Flo Pepper 17:57 (82.45%)

The figures in brackets are age gradings