Another fabulous day at the SDW relay

Monday 6th June 2011

On the first Saturday of June each year, in the early morning, some 50 teams set out from Eastbourne and with each of six runners running three legs, with a bit of luck and decent navigation, Winchester is reached around 8pm with 100 miles covered. It is an extraordinary event and the favourite of many of us.

This year the three Phoenix teams didn't trouble the medals, but what a time we had. We had our fair share of injuries, falls and heatstroke problems but also a lot of laughs and good companionship throughout the day.

Athletically too there were some sensational performances, notably by Tom Hopkins (two all-time Phoenix leg records) and David Powell (one Phoenix vet leg record).

Thanks are due to Liz Halliday who organised the women's team and Andy Bone who organised the Vet's team and the A team for the men. Andy also drove the vet's support vehicle, Ro Harrington drove the women's van and Petra Kopp the A team van. Thanks to them and to Bruce Warren who helped out as well. Our friend Hitoshi Koboyashi was also on board gathering material for an article in the Japanese Runners World. Thanks too to supporters who cheered us on at Ditchling Beacon.

No more words (until the results are published). Instead, take a look at these great photographs by Lance Bellers. They really give the flavour.