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  • Track and Field

    U13 and U11 Sussex Champs at K2 Crawley

    Sun 4 Jul 2010

    Sussex U11 Quad Kids Championships 2010
    75m, Standing Long Jump, 600m and Vortex Howler throw

    6th Amber Anning
    9th Anna Lewis

    Sussex U13 Track and Field Championships 2010
    1st Archie Davis 3.53.5



  • Track and Field

    Sussex 3000m U15 Championships 2010

    Sun 4 Jul 2010

    K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley

    3000m U15

    Ist Billy White 10.04.8
    2nd Robbie Fitzgibbon 10.12.0

  • Track and Field

    Sussex U13 league - match 2

    Tue 15 Jun 2010

    Sussex U13 Track & Field League - League Match 2 at Lewes on 15th June
    A great turn out this time with 12 scoring athletes competing & 3 non-scoring; also a Girls Team Manager, Emma Mann .  Although we could not improve on last months overall 4th position, there were encouraging signs with at least 2 thirds of our athletes competing for the first time. 
    Girls U13's
    75m    (A)    4th   Olivia Billistone     12.4s
    75m    (B)    5th    Lucy Arnold          12.8s
    150m  (A)    5th    Olivia Billistone      12.4s
    600m  (A)    1st    Maria Andrews      1.57.2
    600m  (B)    3rd    Elorah Mann         2.27.7s
    1000m (A)   3rd    Holly Russell          4.04.3s
    LJ  (A)         4th    Maria Andrews        3.19m
    SP (A)        4th     Lucy Arnold            4.25m
    DT (A)        4th     Holly Russell           8.46m
    DT    (B)     2nd    Dearbhla Lucas       7.17m
    4x100R       5th    Elorah, Holly, Lucy, Dearbhla    75.9s
    Boys U13's
    75m    (A)    4th   Adam Macdonald    12.3s
    75m    (B)    2nd   Jacob Hill               11.6s
    150m  (A)    2nd    Archie Davis          21.7s
    150m  (B)    3rd    Will Russell            25.0s
    600m  (A)    4th    Will Russell            1.55.9s
    600m (B)     3rd    Jacob Hill                2.12.0s
    1000m (A)   1st    Archie Davis            3.19.0s
    LJ  (A)         5th    Joe Simmonds        3.18m
    LJ (B)          4th    Adam Macdonald    2.97m
    4x100R       4th    Archie, Will, Jacob, Joe   65.6s

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  • Track and Field

    Sussex U13 league

    Tue 25 May 2010

    We finished 4th overall in the team event which was pleasing considering we had only 6 athletes competing on the night, which is significant when you compare that with the number of competing athletes from the other teams (Brighton 25, Lewes 22, Hastings 22, Eastbourne 9). 
    Coach Quentin Davis is hoping for increased turnouts at Hove Park Races on June 6th and the next league meeting at Lewes on June 15th.

    Phoenix boys individual results
    75m         Matt Berridge  3rd (A Race)   11.0 s
    75m H      Jack Foster    1st (A Race)    15.3 s
    150m       Archie Davis    2nd (A Race)   21.9 s
    150m       Will Russell     3rd (B Race)   23.6 s
    600m       Jack Foster     3rd (A Race)   1.57.3 s
    1000m     Archie Davis    2nd (A Race)   3.18.9 s
    1000m     Will Russell     2nd (B Race)   3.45.5 s
    LJ            Matt Berridge  3rd (A Event)   3.63 m
    4x100 R   4th 63.2 s
    Phoenix girls individual results
    75m        Zoe Sawacki    4th (A Race) 11.8 s
    600m      Maria Andrews 1st (A Race)  1.56.3
    LJ           Maria Andrews 4th (A Event)  3.25 m
    LJ           Zoe Sawacki    2nd (B Event)  3.14 m

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