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  • Track and Field

    BMC Watford Grand Prix

    Sun 30 Jun 2013

    A fantastic performance from Josh Guilmant winning the BMC 5000m Mens C event in a storming time of 14:36.4!

    Event Position Name  Time

    800m C

    5th Daniel Stepney 01:52.67
    1500m C 11th Robbie Fitzgibbon U20 03:49.46
    5000m C 1st Josh Guilmant 14:36.4

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    Under 13 League East Division

    Wed 26 Jun 2013

    Well done to the U13 Phoenix members who travelled to Lewes to complete in the Under 13 League East Division. Some highlights are William Saunders finishing 1st in the Boys B Long Jump, Louisa Sanders in the Girls A 75m, Almi Neruaker in the Girls A 1000m (21seconds ahead of 2nd!!), and Naomi Fontyn in the Girls B 1000m. 

    Event Position Name Time/Distance
    Boys A 75m 3rd William Saunders 11.0s
    Boys B 75m 3rd Tody Cooper 12.3s
    Boys A 150m 2nd Owen May 21.3s
    Boys A 600m 4th Charlie Warren 2m10.3s
    Boys A Long Jump 3rd Owen May 3.84m
    Boys B Long Jump 1st William Saunders 3.82m
    Boys 4x100m 4th Phoenix 62.5s
    Girls A 75m 1st  Louisa Saunders 10.7s
    Girls B 75m 2nd Mary Watts 11.6s
    Girls A 150m 2nd Louisa Saunders 21.3s
    Girls B 150m 3rd  Kate Granlund 25.4s
    Girls A 600m 3rd Lzzie Whitelegg 1m59.0s
    Girls B 600m 2nd Mia Whittaaker Jones 2m03.3s
    Girls A 1000m 1st Almi Nerurakar 3m09.3s
    Girls B 1000m 1st  Naomi Fontyn 3m12.8s
    Girls A 70mH 2nd  Almi Nerurakar 13.7s
    Girls A Long Jump  2nd Lola Evans 3.94m
    Girls B Long Jump 2nd Francesca White 3.34m
    Girls A Shot Putt 3rd Freya Moss 5.60m
    Girls B Shot Putt 3rd Maya Hardman 4.29m
    Girls A Discus 2nd Freya Moss 13.09m
    Girls B Discus 2nd Maya Hardman 10.36m
    Girls A Javelin 2nd Mia Whittaker Jones 8.44m
    Girls B Javelin 2nd Lzzie Whitelegg 6.05m
    Girls 4x100m 2nd Phoenix 59.7m

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    Under 15 league meet at Eastbourne

    Wed 12 Jun 2013

    A team of 8 braved the abysmal driving rain and wind (with no cover available!) Well done to all.
    Cameron Hardman  100m 5th 14.3sec
                                     200m 5th 30.1sec
    Lottie Bentham      100m 5th 15.2sec A string
    Ateya Marshall      800m 2nd 2.53 .7 B string
    Tara May              800m 5th 3.16.0   A string
    Chloe Watson      1500m 2nd 5.34.0 A string
    Marina Reid Martin Long Jump 2nd 4.79m  A string
    Anna Lewes      Long Jump 2nd  3.86m B string
    Leah Singh         Discus 2nd 14.42m  A string
                             Shot 5th 5.14m A string 
    High Jump was cancelled due to adverse weather conditions

    Roy Hayward
    Team Manager


  • Track and Field

    Sussex Schools T&F Champs

    Sat 8 Jun 2013

    Cilly conditions at the Crawley K2 arena but some first rate performances by Phoenix athletes with our boys taking all the 800m titles

    Jun Boys
    1st Archie Davis

    6. Marcus Law
    7. Reuben Hoyte

    Inter Boys
    1. Finn Bigg
    2. Sam Kitchen

    1. Spencer Thomas
    2. Billy White

    2. Jake Algar

    Sen Boys
    1. Will Durkin

    1. Robbie Fitzgibbon

    Jun Girls
    Long Jump
    1. Marina Reid Martin (4.95m)
    Marina added this title to her County Indoor Title back in February 2013

    Sen Girls 300m
    1. Megan Bradford

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  • Track and Field

    Sussex Track and Field Championships

    Sat 25 May 2013

    Well done to everyone who tuck part in the Sussex Track and Field Championships! Many Phoenix Menbers finished 1st in their races including Rachael Phelps - 800m, Arche Davis - 800m and 1500m, Finley Bigg - 400m, Spencer Thomas - 800m and 1500m and finally Josh Guilmant in the 5000m. 
    U15 Girls 800m b 10th Scarlett Springett 02:43.9
      1500m a 5th  Charlotte Matthews 05:31.1
        8th Scarlett Springett 06:00.7
    U20 Girls 100m a 3rd Charlotte Makepeace 13.6
      200m b 4th Charlotte Makepeace 28.8
      3000m a 2nd Megan Bradford 11:02.5
    Senior Women 800m a 1st Rachael Phelps 02:25.0
    U15 Boys 800m a 1st  Arche Davis 02.03.0
        8th Harry Swindells 02:17.3
      1500m a 1st Arche Davis 04:28.5
    U17 Boys 400m b 1st Finley Bigg 51.6
        2nd Samuel Kitchen 51.8
        3rd Billy White 52.1
      800m a 1st Spencer Thomas  01:55.8
        2nd Billy White 01:57.5
        4th  Samuel Kitchen  02:02.1
        5th  Jake Alger 02:06.0
      1500m b 1st  Spencer Thomas  04:02.1
        5th  Jake Alger  04:18.2
      Long Jump 3rd Finley Bigg 5.57m
    U20 Boys 800m a 6th  Oliver Springlett 02:10.3
        7th Keith Alger 02:13.6
      1500m b 7th Oliver Springlett 04:30.0
      5000m a 2nd Will Thompson 17:42.9
    Senior Men 5000m a 1st Josh Guilmant  15:02.8
        6th Darryl Hards 15:27.2
        11th  James Atkinson 17:13.7

  • Track and Field

    Sussex U13 League

    Wed 15 May 2013


    Wednesday 15th  May was the first league meet of the Sussex Under 13 Athletics Competition 2013 held at Lewes Leisure Centre. The weather was warm, not like the day before of rain. We had a fantastic turn-out of families to support our team, we took 26 girls to this meet which is the most we have ever taken. We were able to enter 5 girls’ relay teams. We also took a boys team of 7.
    Both teams did extremely well finishing 3rd overall on the evening and we had 2 event on the night. Izzy Whitelegg in the 600m (01:58.7) and Owen May with the 150m (21.30).
    Event  Position Name Result
    Boys A 75m 2nd William Saunders 11.10
    Boys B 75m 3rd Asier Barnett 12.20
    Boys A 150m 1st Owen May 21.30
    Boys B 150m 3rd Asier Barnett 24.00
    Boys A 600m 4th Charlie Warren 01:54.8
    Boys B 600m 4th Zac Eblourne 02:06.5
    Boys A 1000m 4th Charlie Cloke 03:35.1
    Boys B 1000m 4th Joel Luscombe 03:48.6
    Boys A Long Jump 4th William Saunders 3.59m
    Boys B Long Jump 2nd Owen May 3.58m
    Boys 4x100m 3rd Phoenix 01:01.3
    Girls A 75m 2nd Louisa Sanders  10.80
    Girls B 75m 2nd  Mary Watts 11.80
    Girls A 150m 2nd Louisa Sanders 22.00
    Girls B 150m 3rd  Kate Granlund 25.40
    Girls A 600m 3rd Naomi Fontyn  01:50.8
    Girls B 600m 1st  Izzy Whiteleg 01:58.7
    Girls A 1000m 2nd Almi Neruakar 03:15.1
    Gilrs A 70mH 2nd Almi Neruakar 16.60
    Girls A High Jump 3rd Madelenie Marinko 1.00m
    Girls A Long Jump 2nd Lola Evans 3.83m
    Girls B Long Jump 4th  Madelenie Marinko 3.17m
    Girls A Shot Putt 3rd Freya Moss 5.55m
    Girls B Shot Putt 2nd Maia Hardmann 4.48m
    Girls A Discus 3rd  Moona Shouli 9.03m
    Girls B Discus 2nd Rosie Cornwell 9.01m
    Girls A Javelin 3rd Mia Whitiker Jones 10.16
    Girls B Javelin 2nd Esme Whitworth 8.58,
    Girls 4x100 relay 2nd Phoenix 01:01.10


  • Track and Field

    Brighton Phoenix Open/BMC races

    Wed 8 May 2013

    Some fantastic competing was seen at the Phoenix Open Track Meeting at Withdean Stadium, May 8th. Athletes of all ages competed in events from 100 metres, 800 metres, 1500 metres, 3 km and steeplechase runs to standing long jump and long jump.

    Phoenix was out in force with record numbers of runners in the junior races.
    In the closed 100m Sophia Warner narrowly missed the qualifying time for the World Para Athletics Championships with what was still a great run.
    In the very competitive 800 metre BMCA race Matt Favers showed great ability to accelerate at pace in the last 50 metres to win.

    Yet further success, in the form of personal bests, was seen for Billy White in the A race and Spencer Thomas looking good to win the B. And there was yet another outstanding front run by Almi Nerurkar in the under 13 girls 800 metres.

    Full results

  • Track and Field


    Thu 25 Apr 2013

    Belated results up from the Haywards Heath Harriers Open! Many great results for Phoenix members with podium finishes in quite a few races. Congratulations to William Saunders finishing 1st in the 60m and 150m and Robbie Fitzgibbon who won the Mile race and brought the trophy back to Phoenix yet again! Other members who finished first were Ellie Hedgecock (150m), Izzie Whitelegg (600m), and Billy White (800m). A link to the full results is at the bottom of the table.

    Girls 9/10

    Race 2 2nd Francesca White 10.0
      4th Pia Lewis 10.5
    Race 3 4th Alanah Harding  10.3
      5th Ellie Hedgecock Grant 10.3
    Boys 9/10
    Race 2 1st William Saunders 9.1
    Race 3 5th  Goerge Cooper 10.4
    Girls U13      
    Race 2 6th  Louise Saunders  12.8
    Race 3 3rd Madeline Marinka 12.7
      4th Ella Hodge 12.8
      5th Isabella Rowney 13.1
    Race 4 3rd Maia Hardman 12.3
    Girls U15      
    Race 1 5th Lottie Buttle 15.4
    Boys U15      
    Race 1 3rd Cameron Hardman 14.5
    Girls U17/U20/SW      
      3rd Charlotte Makepeace (U20) 14.0
    Girls 9/10      
    Race 2 3rd Pia Lewis 26.7
    Race 3 1st Ellie Hedgecock-Grant 25.7
      2nd Alanah Harding 25.7
    Boys 9/10      
    Race 1 4th Toby Cooper 24.4
    Race 2 1st William Saunders  22.3
    Race 3 3rd Charlie Cloke 25.0
    Girls U13      
    Race 1 5th  Ella Hodge 25.2
    Race 2 4th Maia Hardman 24.6
    Girls U15      
    Race 1 5th  Lottie Buttle 32.4
    Boys U15/U17 4th Cameron Hardman (U15) 29.5
    Girls 9/10 3rd Alanah Harding 2:11.8
      7th Pai Lewis 2:16.9
      8th Francesca White 2:22.0
      9th Ellie Hedgecock Grant 2:22.0
    Boys 9/10 6th Alex Brothwell 1:59.6
      8th Toby Cooper 2:05.6
      10th Charlie Cloke 2:07.4
    Girls U13 1st Izzie Whitelegg 1:58.7
      6th Lola Evans 2:03.3
      12th Isabella Rowney 2:09.5
      14th Ella Hodge 2:10.5
    Girls U15 10th Ateya Marshall 2:48.9
    Boys U17/U20/SM 1st Billy White (SM) 1:57.9
      3rd Archie Davis (U17) 2:04.8
      6th Ryan Elson (20) 2:10.4
    SEN Men 1st Robbie Fitzgibbon (U20) 4:17.1
    Long Jump      
    Girls 9/10 3rd Francesca White 3m36
      5th Ellie Hedgecock 3m23
      10th Pia Lewis 2m75
      14th Alanah Harding 2m54
    Girls U13 2nd Lola Evans 3m65
      7th Madeline Marinka 3m17
      15th Ella Hodge 2m77
    Boys 9/10 2nd William Saunders 3m78
    Girls U15/U17/U20/SW 15th Ateya Marshall (u15) 3m51
      16th Leah Singh (U15) 3m48
    Girls U13/U15/U17/U20/SW   Leah Singh (U15) 5m05
        Maia Hardman (U13) 4m42
        Isabella Rowney (U13) 3m76

    Full Results

  • Track and Field

    U13 league (3) Eastbourne

    Wed 25 Jul 2012

    30 athletes took part in the 3rd league meet of the Under 13 league at Eastbourne.
    A fantastic turnout.

    Track results

    1st placings
    600m        Naomi Fonteyn A
    70m Hurdles    Anna Lewis  B
    2nd placings
    75m          Louisa Saunders A
                     Daisy Reuby B
    150m         Marina Reid Martin A
    4x100 Relay      Daisy Reuby, Anna Lewis, Elorah Mann, Marina Reid Martin
    1000m         Chloe Watson B
    Field results

    1st placing
    Long Jump    Anna Lewis 3.89m B
    2nd placings
    Long Jump    Marina Reid Martin 4.09 A
    High Jump    Tara May
    Shot Put       Freya Moss
    Discus          Leah Singh
    There were only three boys turned up for this meeting.
    Charlie Watts won his 600m race and came 4th in long jump
    Tom Jupp came 4th in the 150m and 5th in the 1000m
    William Saunders won his non scoring race of 75m.
    Come on you boys!

    A= A string B= Bstring
    Well done to all those who took part and thanks to those parents who have helped at the League meets.
    Now for the finals.

    Full results

  • Track and Field

    U13 Sussex Champs and Quad Kids

    Sun 1 Jul 2012

    U13 Sussex Champs and Quad Kids

    Girls 1200.
    2nd Naomi Fontyn 4.11.30
    3rd Almi Nerurkar  4.11.30
    6th Charlotte Matthews 4.20.34
    7th Chloe Watson 4.21
    11th Eve Hull 4.42
    2nd Leah Singh 16.06M
    Ateya Marshall 1st in heat 2.45.00 7th overall
    Claudia Betts 3rd in heat
    Daisy Reuby 11.40 3rd in heat
    2nd Sam Betts
    Isabella Rowney 8th out of 41 competitors
    This was her first comp
    Well done to everyone who took part

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