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    Sussex Sport Hall League Match 2

    Sat 25 Jan 2014

    Great performances from the Phoenix youngsters finishing 2nd overall in the Sussex Sport Hall League Match 2. They narrowly missed out on 1st by 5.5 points! 

    U11 Girls - 2nd overall, total points 46

    Event Cat Pos Name Result
    1 Lap Race A 2nd Milly Dickson 13.5
      B 1st Rachel Shard 12.8
      C 2nd Lydia Whitworth 13.5
    6 Lap Parlauf   1st Milly Dickson & 1:23.6
          Rachel Shard  
    1 Lap Hurdles A 2nd Mia Edwards 15.0
      B 3rd Josie Croucher 15.5
    4x 1 Relay   2nd Phoneix 56.5
    Standing LJ A 3rd Rachel Shard 1.9m
      B 1st Rachel Berry  1.85m
    Vertical Jump A 3rd Josie Croucher  36cm

    B 2nd Rachel Berry  36cm
    Speed Bounce A 2nd Eloise Nichol 46
      B 2nd Josie Croucher 42

    U11 Boys - 2nd overall, total points 48.5

    Event  Cat Pos Name Result
    1 Lap Race A 1st Alex Brothwell 12.9
      B 2nd James Saunders 13.1
      C 2nd Harvey Walters 14.4
    6 Lap Parlauf   2nd Alex Brothwell & 1:22.8
          Eimhin Wellings  
    1 Lap Hurdles A 2nd Will Croucher 14.3
      B 1st James Sauders  14.1
    4x 1 Lap Relay   2nd Phoenix 52.9
    Standing LJ A 2nd James Saunders 1.95m
      B 2nd Will Croucher  1.8m
    Vertical Jump A 2nd Will Croucher 35cm
      B 2nd Harvey Walters 35cm
    Speed Bounce A 1st Eimhin Wellings 47
      B 1st Diarmaid Shinn 45

    U13 Girls - =1st overall, total points 58

    Event Cat Pos Name Result
    6 Lap Race A 1st Holly Luscombe 1:23.0
      B 1st Mia Whitaker Jones 1:28.0
    2 Lap Race A 2nd Louisa Saunders 24.5
      B 1st Esme Whitworth 25.0
      C 1st Holly Luscombe 25.7
    8 Lap Parlauf   1st Isabel Whitelegg & 1:45.3
          Lola Evans   
    2 Lap Hurdles A 2nd Esme Whitworth 29.2
      B 3rd Ella Hodge 30.3
    4x 2 Relay   1st  Phoenix  1:40.1
    Standing LJ A 1st Lola Evans 2.15m
      B 2nd Collean Shaw 1.8m
    Vertial Jump A 3rd Maia Hardman 41cm
      B 2nd Ella Hodge 41cn
    Speed Bounce A 2nd Maia Hardman 66
      B 2nd Collean Shaw  64

    U13 Boys - 1st Overall, total points 62

    Event  Cat Pos Name Result
    6 Lap Race A 1st Fenton Bingham 1:22.7
      B 1st Joel Luscombe 1:26.9
    2 Lap Race A 1st William Saunders 23.7
      B 2nd Asier Barnett 25.0
      C 1st Murdo McLafferty  24.8
    8 Lap Parlauf   2nd Fenton Bingam & 1:48.2
          Joel Luscombe  
    2 Lap Hurdles A 1st Herbie Hocking 27.2
      B 2nd Deaglan Shinn 29.2
    4x 2 Lap Relay
    1st Phoenix  1:38.6
    Standing LJ A 1st William Saunders  2.4m
      B 1st Murdo Mclafferty 2.2m
    Vertial Jump A 1st Fenton Bingam 56cm
      B 1st Herbie Hocking  44cm
    Speed Bounce  A 2nd Herbie Hocking  66
      B 2nd William Saunders 64

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  • Track and Field

    Lee Valley U13/15 Open

    Sat 11 Jan 2014

    Willam Saunders achieved a personal best jumping a massive 4m30! All three jumps were over the 4m mark. This jumps has left William ranked 6th in the country and 1st in East Sussex! 

    60m Boys

    Name Time  
    William Saunders 8.57  

    60m Girls

    Name Time
    Colleen Shaw 9.84

    200m Girls

    Name Time
    Saorise Mcguiness 33.14
    Alanah Harding 35.34

    800m Girls

    Pos Name  Time
    9th Saorise Mcguiness 2:54

    200m U15 Girls

    Name Time
    Louisa Saunders 8.97

    200m U15 Girls

    Name Time
    Louisa Saunders 29.81

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    Sussex Sport Hall League Match 1

    Sat 2 Nov 2013

    Phoenix’s U13 and U11 Teams were victorious in the first match of the Sportshall season on November 2nd at Lancing Leisure Centre.

    Phoenix were a clear 13.5 points ahead of close rivals Worthing in the Overall Match Score with each team - U13 Boys, U13 Girls, U11 Boys and U11 Girls - all winning their individual groups.

    Full Results

    U11 Girls Name Place Result

    1 Lap Race A

    Milly Dickson 1st 13.4
                    B Rachel Shard 1st 13.5
                    C Rachel Berry 3rd 14.2
    6 Lap Paralauf Milly Dickson 1st 01:27.3
      Rachel Shard    
    1 Lap Hurdles A Tegan Corder 2nd 15.3
                        B Mia Edwards 1st 14.4
    4x 1 Lap Relay Phoenix 3rd 56.8
    Standing LJ A Rachel Shard 2nd  1.95m
                     B Rachel Berry 2nd 1.75
    Vertical Jump A Josie Croucher 3rd 38
                       B Ciara Muzio 4th 24
    Speed Bounce A Tegan Corder 2nd 66
                         B Rachel Berry 3rd  49

    U11 Boys Name Place Result
    1 Lap Race A Alex Brothwell 1st 13.0
                    B James Saunders 2nd 13.1
                    C Fred Dickson 3rd 14.8
    6 Lap Paralauf Alex Brothwell 2nd 01:24.5
      Will Croucher    
    1 Lap Hurdles A Alex Brothwell 2nd 14.3
                        B Will Croucher 1st 14.9
    4x 1 Lap Relay Phoenix 1st 54.9
    Vertical Jump A James Saunders 1st 1.85
                       B Fred Dickson 2nd 1.6
    Vertical Jump A Will Croucher 3rd 36
                       B Harvey Walters 3rd 34
    Speed Bounce A Alex Brothwell 4th 48

    U13 Girls Name Place Result
    6 Lap Race A Hannah Williams 1st 01:26.9
                    A Mia Whitaker-Jones 2nd 01:27.0
                    B Isabel Whitelegg 1st 01:28.5
    2 Lap Race A Louisa Saunders 1st 24.7
                    B Alice Wolfenden 3rd 27.4
                    C Ellie Jane Grant 2nd 26.5
    8 Lap Paralauf Isabel Whitelegg 2nd 01:48.2
      Lola Evens    
    2 Lap Hurdles A Mia Hardman 3rd 29.6
                        B Florence Wells  2nd 30.5
    4x 2 Lap Relay Phoenix 2nd 01:42.5
    Standing LJ A Lola Evans 1st 2.20m
                     B Maddie Marinko  2nd 1.95m
    Vertical Jump A Maddy Marinko 4th 45
                       B Ella Hodge 3rd 38
    Speed Bounce A Colleen Smith 3rd 62
                      B Louise Saunders  3rd 56
    U13 Boys Name Place Result
    6 Lap Race A Asier Barnett 1st 01:23.5
                    B Fenton Bingham 1st 01:29.0
    2 Lap Race A Will Saunders 2nd 23.8
                    B Miles Jamie 3rd 28.7
                    C Murdo McClafferty 2nd 25.3
    8 Lap Paralauf Fenton Bingham 1st 01:47.1
      Finn Grout    
    2 Lap Hurdles A Fenton Bingham 2nd 27.1
                        B Herbie Hockling  1st 28.0
    4x 2 Lap Relay Phoenix 2nd 01:43.8
    Vertical Jump A William Saunders 1st 2.35
                       B Murdo McClafferty 1st 2.15
    Vertical Jump A Fenton Bingham 1st 55
                      B Finn Anderson 1st 40
    Speed Bounce A William Sanders  2nd 68
                        B Murdo McClafferty 1st 60

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    Lee Valley Minithon

    Sun 6 Oct 2013

    Maia Hardman takes Silver with her overall performance at the Lee Valley Minithon! She also managed to set herself two new PB's and a new SB narrowly missing her previous PB by 0.1s. 

    Event OA Pos Name Time  
    U13 60m 19th Maia Hardman 9.5 SB
    U13 200m 12th Maia Hardman 32.2 PB
    U13 600m 15th Maia Hardman 02:08.3 PB

    Full Results

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    Sussex U15 League

    Fri 6 Sep 2013

    It seems like Cameron Hardman wanted to take on the U15 League by himself over the weekend competing in 4 events. Congratulations to Marina Reid Martin mananged to finish 1st in the Long Jump A with a distance of 4.77m. 

    9th 100m A Cameron Hardman 14.1
    4th 800m A Harry Swindells  2:24.0
    9th 200m A Cameron Hardman 28.3
    8th 1500m A Jack Etherton 5:12.7
    9th Discus A Cameron Hardman 17.27m
    10th Long Jump Cameron Hardman 3.32m
    8th 100m A Louisa Saunders 14.2
    5th 200m A Marina Reid Martin 28.3
    6th  200m B Anna Jones 30.6
    8th 300m A Ella Grabsky 50.1
    5th 800m A Ateya Marchall 2:44.7
    3th 1500m A Chloe Watson 5:33.3
    2nd 1500m B Charlotte Matthews 3:37.1
    1st  Long Jump A Marina Reid Martin 4.77m
    5th Long Jump B Lola Evans 3.62m
    9th Shot A Leah Sing 4.99m
    9th Discus A Leah Sing 12.65m
    7th High Jump A Ateya Marshall 1.30m
    6th High Jump B Tara May 1.15m 
    9th Javelin Ella Grabsky 9.89m
    7th 4x 100m Phoenix 57.4

    Full Results

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    Sussex U13 League Final

    Sun 1 Sep 2013

    Well done to all Phoenix athletes who traveled up to Crawley for the Sussex U13 League Final. Phoenix finished 8th overall.

    75m A 6th William Saunders 10.8
    150m A 7th Asier Barnet


    600m A 4th Charlie Warren 1:51.5
    1000m A 9th Joel Luscombe 3:57:5
    4x100m 7th Phoenix 61.1
    Long Jump B 6th James Saunders 3.08m
    Javelin A 8th Charlie Warren 12.15m
    Javelin B 7th Joel Luscombe 9.75m
    75m A 4th Louisa Saunders  10.8
    75m B 5th Ruby Graves 11.5
    150m A 4th Louisa Saunders  21.1
    150m B 5th Maia Hardman 23.5
    600m A 4th Isabel Whitelegg 2:01.0
    600m B 4th Mia Whitaker-Jones 2:00.9
    1000m A 1st Almi Nerurkar 3:22.0
    1000m B 2nd Holly Luscombe 3:45.7
    70m HDLS A 9th Almi Nerurkar 16.4
    4x100m A 6th Phoenix 59.6
    4x100m B 6th Phoenix 63.9
    Long Jump A 8th Ruby Graves 2.97m
    Long Jump B 7th Kate Grandlund 2.83m
    Shot 7th Isabella Rowney 4.03m
    Discus A 8th Maia Hardman 10.29m
    Javelin A 6th Mia Whitaker-Jones 13.61m
    Javelin B 5th Esma Whitworth 9.59m

    Full Results

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    Tom Linter Open Medal Meeting

    Mon 26 Aug 2013

    My apologies for getting these results up so late! Many podium finished for our up and coming Phoenix athletes. Billy White and Eloise Walker finishing in 1st in the 400m and Shot/Javelin. 

    75m R2 U11B James Saunders 2nd 11.65
    200m R16 U13G Louisa Saunders 2nd


    200m R16 U13G Katie Jones 3rd 30.55
    600m R2 U13G Emily Muzio 7th 2:16.61
    600m R2 U13G Ciara Muzio 13th 2:25.18
    1500m R3 U15B Reuben Hoyte 3rd 4:48.68
    1500m R4 U20M Oliver Springgett 5th 4:34.16
    400m U17M Billy White 1st 53.13
    100m R4 U13B William Saunders 4th 14.34
    100m R15 U13G Louisa Saunders 2nd 14.25
    800m R3 U15B Harry Swindells 3rd 2:19.01
    800m R4 U15G Scarlett Springett 7th 2:50.56
    800m R5 U17M Samuel Kitchen 6th 2:05.56
    Long Jump U13B William Saunders 5th 4.17m
    Shot U13G Eloise Walker 1st 9.91m
    Javelin U13G Eloise Walker 1st 34.18m
    Long Jump U11B James Saunders 10th 3.27m

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    Sussex U13 League Eastbourne

    Wed 24 Jul 2013

    Well done to everyone who competed in the Sussex U13 Seague over in Eastbourne. William Saunders finished joint 1st in the 75m for the boys and Louisa Saunders, Holly Luscombe, and Naomi Fontyn finished 1st in their events for the girls. 

    Long Jump A 3rd William Saunders 3.65m
    75m A 1st William Saunders 10.7
    75m B 2nd Asier Barnett 11.5
    600m A 3rd Charlie Warren 01:50.9
    150m A 3rd Asier Barnett 23.3
    Javelin A 2nd Holly Luscombe 8.72m
    Javelin B 3rd Isabell Whitelegg 6.19m
    Long Jump A 4th Kate Granlund 3.29m
    Long Jump B 3rd Isabell Rowney 3.26m
    Discus A 2nd Freya Moss 11.33m
    Discus B 2nd Rosie Cornwell 9.31m
    Shot A  3rd Freya Moss 5.26m
    Shot B 3rd Rosie Cornwell 4.5m
    75m A 1st Louisa Saunders 10.5
    600m A 2nd Isabell Whitelegg 01:53.1
    600m B 1st Holly Luscombe 02:01.4
    150m A 2nd Louisa Saunders 21.8
    150m B 2nd Kate Granlund 25.7
    1000m A 1st Naomi Fontyn 03:13.7
    1000m B 2nd Connie Jankowski 03:57.0
    4x 100m Relay 2nd Phoenix 63.0

    Full Results

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    EuroU23 Championship

    Sun 14 Jul 2013

    Congratulations to Charlie Grice who came 2nd in the 1500m EuroU23 Championship with a time of 3:44.41. He qualified with a time of 3:42.95 the day before. 

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    Under 13 Track & Field Championships at Brighton

    Sun 7 Jul 2013

    On a very warm day Brighton Phoenix had 21 competitors in the county under 13 championships at Withdean
    Winning 1 Gold and 2 silver also there were a lot of PB'S anfd for the first time we entered a girls 4x100 relay

    We had a fantastic day well done all.

    Gold Almi Nerurkar 3.51.37
    Silver Naomi Fontyn 3.53.55

    Long jump
    Silver Lola Evans 4.17m

    William Saunders Heat 10.46 PB
                               Final  10.89 7th

    William Saunders Heat  21.28 PB
    Owen May           Heat  21.24.
                               Final  21.68 8th

    Maia Hardman    H 22.17
                              F 22.16 7th PB

    Girls 4x100 Relay 5th out of 11th
    Mary Watts, Mia Whitikar Jones, Lola Evans and Almi Nerurkar.

    Long Jump
    William Saunders 4.10m 10th
    Ella Hodge 3.06 20th
    Alice Evans 3.04m  21st

    Mia Whitaker-Jones 9.25m 7th

    See all the results here

    Will give the quadkids results when we have them

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