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  • Track and Field

    Sussex Sportshall League (Worthing) - Match 2

    Sat 13 Dec 2014

    Young Phoenix athletes did it again in the Sportshall League, with 19 first places and 29 second places, and maintain a comfortable lead in the competition.

    Girls U11
    2 first places
    9 second places

    Boys U11
    8 first places
    4  second place

    Girls U13
    4 first Places
    11 second places

    Boys U13
    5 First places
    5 Second places
    Score after two matches:

    Phoenix 554.5

    Worthing 467

    Lewes 364.5

    Steyning 166.5

    Burgess Hill 155.5 

    Full results

  • Track and Field

    Sussex Sporthall (Worthing) League Match 1

    Sat 1 Nov 2014

    In all we had an outstanding 29 first places 25 second places

    6 first places
    6 second places

    Boys U11
    11 first laces
    1  second place

    Girls Under 13
    6 first Places
    9 second places

    Boys U13
    6 First places
    9 Second places
    Match score Phoenix 288 Worthing 234, Lewes 153.5 Burgess Hill 91.5 Steyning 53

    There were some great performances from Cassie Brewer Wren, Jessica Farrant, Arthur Haines,Ellis Martin Felix Sutton, Colleen Shaw, Frankie White,Ella Hodge,Remy Corder,Alex Brothwell,

    Sorry if i have missed you off for full results please go to the Sussex Athletics website

    next meet 13th December
    Come on Phoenix!

    Roy Hayward

  • Track and Field

    England Athletics U17 & U15 Championships at Bedford

    Sat 30 Aug 2014

    On August 30-31 the England Athletics U17 & U15 Championships was held at Bedford.

    Fin Bigg: bronze in the U17 400m in 49.88.
    Archie Davis: 5th in the U17 800m in 1:57.22.
    Sophie Mansfield: 6th in the U17 girls 800m in 2:14.93.
    Almi Nerurkar : 11th in the U15 1500m final with 4:50.74.
    Tara Bage: 11th but in the U17 1500m with a 5:00.81 clocking.


  • Track and Field

    County U13s/Quadkids

    Sun 6 Jul 2014

    Phoenix Had 19 competitors at the under 13 and under 11 quadkids on Sunday 6 July

    There were medals galore:

    Wiiilam Saunders collected Gold for the high jump with 1.43m
    and also collected a bronze for the 75m with a time of !0.53
    Alex Brothwell came 4th in the 800m

    Maia Hardman collected Gold in the girls  800m 2m.28sec a medal well deserved.

    Cassie Brewer Wren collected overall gold in the under 11 quadkids girls comp Standing
    Long jump 1m98.
    75m 11.6
    Throwing the howler 23.51m
    600m 2m 14 sec.
    Overall points 215
    Other Phoenix  girls in quad kids
    Emily Muzio 170pts overall 20th
    Ciara Muzio 155 pts overall 25th
    Renee Bassin 139pts overall 31st
    Boys quads 34 competitors
    Arthur Haines 237 points overall 4th place
    James Saunders 221 points joint overall 8th place

    Roy Hayward

  • Track and Field

    Under 15 league Lewes

    Wed 2 Jul 2014

    Wednesday 2nd July saw the under 15's have the last league meet of the season at Lewes
    Again we had some great performances.the girls came 2nd in the girls match.
    The photo is of the winning non scoring realy team
    Ruby Graves,Fran White, Mia Whuitaker Jones, Lola Evans a brilliant result for them

    Track 1st
    Louisa Saunders 300m 44.6 sec (A)
    Almi Nerurkar 800m 2.35.7 (A)
    Holly Luscombe 1500 5.43 PB (A)

    Amber Stride 14.0 (A)
    Lottie Buttle 14.4 (B)

    Issie Whitelegg 800m  2.55 (B)

    Amber Stride 200m 30.0 (A)

    Relay 4x1 3rd 57.4
    Non Scoring relay 1 1st 60.4    2 3rd 63.9

    Field 1st
    Marina Reid Martin  Long Jump 4.88m (A)
    Tara May HighJump 1.30m (B)

    Javelin Mia Whitaker Jones 16.5 PB (A)
    Long Jump Lola Evans 3.74m (B)

    Anna Berry 12.29m 4th(A)
    Connie Jankowski 5.26 4th (B)

    Non Scoring Anna Berry 800m 1st 2.48sec
                      Connie Jankowski 2nd 2.58sec
                      Ruby Graves 100 1st 14.9sec
                      Francesca White 2nd Long Jump 3.57

    Boys team
    Liam Jenman  100m 2nd 12.9 (A)  200m 26.4 4th
    Charlie Warren 800m 2.20sec 1st (B)
    Fenton Bingham 800 2.30sec (A) 3rd
    Jack Etherton 4.54sec 2nd (A) 1500m
    William Saunders 4.40m Long Jump (A) 3rd

    Well done everyone
    Roy Hayward

  • Track and Field

    Sussex T&F Champs

    Sat 24 May 2014

    Phoenix finalists were as follows:

    U15 G
    1500M (a) Charlotte Mathews 5th 5:31.1
    Long jump Marina Reid Martin 1st 5:23M

    U17 W
    800M (a) Tara Bage 7th 2:32.7  Scarlett Springett 10th 2:41:7

    U20 W
    800M (b) Nicole Allen 2nd 2:23.1

    U13 B
    Minithon William Saunders 3rd 55pts

    U15 B
    800M (a) Fenton Bingham 7th 21:29.2
    800M (b) Jack Etherton 7th 2:29.7

    U17 M
    400M (b) Finlay Bigg 1st 51.5
    800M (a) Harry Swindells 3rd 2:07:10  Oliver Johnson 7th 2:11:1
    1500M Archie Davis 1st 4:14.9  Toby Lewis 3rd 4:27:4

    U20 M
    400M Sam Kitchen 3rd 53.2  Reuben Selby 4th 53:3  Oliver Springett 5th 54.9  Ryan Elson 6th 56.6
    800M Spencer Thomas 1st 1:56.7  Dan Eeles 3rd 2:01.0
    1500M Jake Alger 2nd 4:13.6  Dan Eeles 3rd 4:15.4

    Senior M
    400M (b) Dan Stepney 4th 50.3
    500M (a) Ross Skelton 1st 14:56.9  Josh Guilmant 2nd 14:57.2

    Full results

  • Track and Field

    Brighton Phoenix Open/BMC Races

    Wed 14 May 2014

    On a lovely evening, this was a great success with full entries for all races.

    Phoenix was well represented and there were many fine performances. Phoenix race winners were all junior athletes –  Rudi Spray, Fenton Bingham, Max Andrews and Finlay Bigg.

    Full results can be found here.

  • Track and Field

    Haywards Heath Harriers Open Athletics Meeting

    Thu 1 May 2014

    R1 U11 60m  
    2nd Cassie Brewer-Wren 9.4
    R7 U13 75m  
    5th Ellie Hedgecock-Grant 11.9
    R11 U13 75m  
    1st William Saunders 10.7
    R12 U15 100m  
    3rd Amber Stride 14.3
    R13 U15 100m  
    4th Louise Saunders 13.9
    R14 U15 100m  
    3rd Comeron Hardman 13.4
    R22 U11 150m
    2nd Beatrix Dalley 25.1
    R23 U11 150m  
    4th Cassie Brewer-Wren 24.1
    6th  Mia Edwards 25.5
    R27 U13 150m  
    6th Ellie Hedgecock-grant 24.5
    R31 U15 200m  
    5th Lizzie Whitelegg 30.8
    R32 U15 200m  
    2nd Louisa Saunders  28.3
    3rd Amber Stride 29.6
    R33 U15 200m  
    3rd Cameron Hardman 28.2
    4th Sampson Bingham 28.8
    R37 U11 600m  
    1st Millie Dickson 1:58.1
    2nd Emily Muzio 2:07.5
    6th Mia Edwards 2:15.2
    8th Beatrix Dalley 2:15.7
    9th Ciara Muzio 2:16.4
    R39 U13 600m  
    1st Maia Hardman 1:51.5
    3rd Saorise McGuiness 1:57.3
    R41 1 Mile  
    12th Jim Whitelegg 5:29.8
    R34 U15 800m  
    1st Almi Nerurkar 2:25.0
    7th Fenton Bingtham 2:30.6
    R45 800m U20  
    1st  Jake Alger 1:57.7
    3rd Daniel Beles 1:58.2
    13th Reuben Hoyte (U17) 2:17.7
    14th Murt Hoyte (SM) 2:20.0
    LJ U11  
    5th  Mia Dickson 3.22m
    LJ U13  
    3rd Ellie Hedgecock-Grant 3.57m
    LJ U15  
    1st M Reid Martin 5.14m
    5th L Evans 3.93m
    LJ U13  
    1st  William Saunders 4.38

    Full Results

  • Track and Field

    Tom Lintern Medal Meeting

    Sun 20 Apr 2014

    Well done to all Phoenix menbers competeing at the Tom Lintern Medal Meeting. There were a few competitors finishing in the top three that are highlighted below

    1500m U13B  
    5th Charlie Cloke 05:15.83
    1500m U20M  
    1st  Billy Whilte 04:10.66
    5th Reuben Hoyte (U17M) 04:33.85
    75m U11G R4  
    1st Cassie Brewer-Wren 11.57
    200m U20M R2  
    6th Max Anderws 27.97
    200m U15B R7  
    3rd Cameron Hardman


    200m U15G R9  
    4th Louisa Saunders 27.95
    600m U11G R2  
    4th Emily Muzio 02:10.96
    9th Keira Muzio 02:18.04
    400m U20M R1  
    1st Sam Kitchen 53.15
    2nd Oliver Springlett 54.94
    4th Ryan Elson 56.43
    150m U11G R2  
    3rd Cassie Brewer-Wren 24.78
    100m U15G R6  
    4th  Louisa Sanders 14.05
    100m U13B R10  
    1st William Sanders 14.56
    800m U13G R2  
    1st Maia Hardman 02:37.20
    800m U20M R4  
    3rd Danial Eeles 01:59.45
    4th Will Durkin 01:59.62
    7th Oliver Springlett 02:06:58
    800m U17M + U17W  
    6th Harry Swindells 02:14.96
    10th Scarlett Springett 02:46.16
    3000m SM + U17M  
    2nd Reuben Hoyte (U17M) 09:44.12
    LJ U13M  
    3rd  William Sanders 04.04M
    LJ U13G  
    11th Francesca White 03.39M
    LJ U11G  
    1st  Cassie Brewer-Wren 03.47

    Full Results

  • Track and Field

    Sussex Indoor Championships

    Sat 15 Feb 2014

    4 Athletes from Phoenix competed on Saturday 15th Feb in the Sussex Indoor Championship. 

    Maina Reid-Martin had a great jump and achieved a new PB

    Long Jump    
    U13 Girls    
    Ella Hodge 5th 3.70
    Colleen Shaw 8th 3.27
    Alanah-Olivia Harding 9th 3.25
    U15 Girls    
    Marina Reid-Martin 1st 5.09
    60m GU13 Heat1    
    Alanah-Olivia Harding 4th 10.18
    60m GU13 Heat3    
    Colleen Shaw 3rd 9.42
    Ella Hodge 4th 9.52
    60m GU13 Final1    
    Ella Hodge  5th 9.51
    60m Gu13 Final2    
    Colleen Shaw 5th 9.55

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