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  • Sussex Grand Prix

    Bewl 15

    Sun 5 Jul 2009

    This demanding SGP fixture is run around the picturesque the lake in East Sussex. Despite stiles, water hoses and a large rabid brown dog, Phoenix had six finishers.

    Max Libbert 1:39:39 15th
    Lance Bellers 1:54:14 76th
    Tom Farsides 1:55:03 80th
    Brian Friend 2:00:50 127th
    Ivan Lyons 2:08:22 210th
    Terry Avey 2:13:30 261st

    668 runners finished

  • Sussex Grand Prix

    Worthing 10k

    Wed 10 Jun 2009

    4th Dave Carter 33:19, 6th James Miles 34:13 PB, 80th Terry Avey 41:13, 84th Lance Bellers 41:28, 158th Andrew Haig 44:22, 222nd Deb Friis 46:37, 420th Carolyn Austen 54:00, 439th Ananda Mello-Costa 55:05

  • Sussex Grand Prix

    Horsham 10K

    Sun 10 May 2009

    14th Bruce Faulkner 38:12, 63rd Lance Bellers 43:21, 175th Andrew Haig 49:18, 280th Carolyn Austen 57:14

  • Sussex Grand Prix

    Hastings 5M

    Sun 19 Apr 2009

    Lance Bellers 52nd 33:22, Terry Avey 59th 33:45, Ananda Mello-Costa 224th 44:36, Carolyn Austen 231st 44:54, Sue Hudson 269th 49:09

  • Sussex Grand Prix

    Hastings Half Marathon

    Sun 15 Mar 2009

    A modest turnout by Phoenix standards but what grouping! With nearly 4000 runners all our athletes finished in a half hour slot. Daren Elliot 313rd 1:32:29, Rob Lyons 457th 1:37:45, John Doonan 531st 1:38:49, Jon Mitchell 588th 1:40:10, Terry Avey 596th 1:40:17, Ivan Lyons 710th 1:42:43, Hildi Mitchell 1791st 1:59:15, Debbie Evers 1966th 2:01:38   

  • Sussex Grand Prix

    Eastbourne Half Marathon

    Sun 1 Mar 2009

    Rat Matthews 62nd 1:32:30 John Doonan 109th 1:36:07, Terry Avey 164th 1:40:49, Ivan Lyons 168th 1:41:13, Carolyn Austen 731st 2:13:19

  • Sussex Grand Prix

    Sussex Beacon Brighton Half Marathon

    Sun 22 Feb 2009

    Stand out performances by Dave Carter (4th in 1:13:07) and James Miles (8th in 1:15:57) gave the senior men second team spot with Tom Naylor (35th in 1:20:32) and Mike Murphy (43rd in 1:21:16) completing the A team line-up. Age category awards Andy Field (1st M60 1:28:46, Bob Novis (3rd M50-59 1:23:42). In the womens race Erica Martin ran a fine 1:25:37 for 8th place with Sharon Young (57th 1:36:28), Anita Jones (68th 1:37:39) and Carolyn Austin (968th 2:11:24) taking the ninth team spot out of 60 completing. 30 Phoenix athletes competed in total.

  • Sussex Grand Prix

    Crowborough 10K

    Sun 30 Nov 2008

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