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  • Road Race

    Bath Half Marathon

    Sun 6 Mar 2011

    17th Josh Guilmant 1:09:38

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  • Triathlon

    Frosty Aquathlon

    Sun 6 Mar 2011

    1 Hopkins, Tom (00:12:16/00:34:24) 00:46:40

    10 Hughes, Malcolm (00:13:02/00:39:12) 00:52:14

    13 Herron, Nigel (00:15:22/00:39:23)00:54:45

    16 Sievewright, Andrew (00:12:55/00:42:55)00:55:50

    18 Martin, Erica (00:15:30/00:41:38)00:57:08 2nd FS

    19 Woodman, tim (00:14:30/00:42:54)00:57:24

    22 Harrington, Roland (00:14:13/00:43:32)00:57:45

    34 Woodward, Richard (00:16:12/00:47:48)01:04:00

    42 Evers, deborah (00:16:33/00:51:48)01:08:21 1stFSV

    56 Mello-Costa, Ananda (00:21:50/01:01:11)01:23:01

    58 Thomas, Paul (00:21:20/01:15:24)01:36:44



    4. Wes Mechen 27:16 (7:12/20:04)
    16. Carla Price 35:05 (9:01/26:04)
    21. George Browne 37:45 (9:29/28:16)


    In the team race Phoenix Phast (Erica, Andrew, Tom and Malcolm) took the title.

  • Cross Country

    Inter-counties cross country champs

    Sat 5 Mar 2011

    There were nine Phoenix athletes selected for County representation in Birmingham and eight were able to run, with impressive results.

    For the senior men, Finn McNally was 126th and James Miles 246th. For the U20 men Max Pickard was 36th as part of the third-placing team. In the U15s Billy White was 85th and in the U13s Archie Davis was 103rd and Reuben Hoyte 177th. Liz Durman ran 198th in the senior women's race and Beth Kidger 118th for the U17s.

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  • Road Race

    Brighton Half Marathon

    Sun 20 Feb 2011

    Great performances by Phoenix (and well done to Paul and the marshalls too). Quite a few pbs – Bruce Warren, jim Whitelegg and Paul Thomas knocked huge chunks off their previous times.

    2nd 1:08:30 Ian Leitch
    8th 1:12:58 Dave Carter
    14th 1:15:22 Daryll Hards
    29th 1:18:50 Bruce Warren
    34th 1:20:05 Bruce Faulkner
    41st 1:20:52 Mike Townley
    52nd 1:21:37 Mike Whyte
    80th 1:24:18 Joe Francis
    105th 1:25:24 John Marinko
    129th 1:26:20 Jim Whitelegg
    176th 1:27:54 Phil Hampshire
    194th 1:28:24 Brian Friend
    243rd 1:29:23 Andrew Neighbour
    471st 1:34:15 Jon Mitchell
    506th 1:35:04 Terry Avey (1st M60)
    636th 1:36:58 Phillip Stevens
    670th 1:37:48 Tom Sanderson
    751st 1:38:54 Jonathan Lamb
    826th 1:38:32 Stuart Batchelor
    1331st 1:45:49 Stephen Fewings
    1561st 1:47:22 Carol Webb
    2146th 1:52:03 Peter Hards
    2641st 1:57:14 Rik Taub
    5496th 3:05:29 Paul Thomas

    Great turnout for the junior races as well with Isaac Wright, Max Winter and Archie Davis in great form.

    8–11 year olds
    1st Isaac Wright 5:02
    2nd Max Winter 5:05
    Then well done to the rest of the Phoenix 'team' who finished in this order: Almaz Nerurkar, Charlotte Matthews, Louisa Sanders, Harry Swindells, Mia Whittaker-Jones, Adam Willard, Annie Tree, Lukas Nerurkar, Tallulah Jackson-Marrot, Daisy Reuby, Joshua White, Miles Jamie, Marie Belcher, Constance Pope, Alice Chapman, Laura Bird, Eve Hull, Alice Jeffrey, Laura Hewlett, Isabelle Curd, Madelaine Marinko Meacher.

    12–16 year olds
    2nd Archie Davis 4:40
    25th Chay Reuby 6:07

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  • Cross Country

    English cross-country championships

    Sat 19 Feb 2011

    44th 00:38:27 Josh Guilmant Phoenix AC


  • Cross Country

    Sussex XC league (4) Lancing

    Sat 12 Feb 2011

    At the last cross-country league race at Lancing on the 12th February, the Under 13 boys team who have been excellent all season took first place on the day and claimed silver team medal for the season.

    With seven athletes in the team all performing well, the lads really showed the rest of us how its done. Team manager Quenton Davis puts it this way: 'I think a combination of up-and-coming talent & and our commitment to attendance in numbers saw us through'

    Archie Davis was first home in third place just 23 seconds off the lead. Archie was unlucky to miss out on the individual medals by a whisker. Then we had Matt Berridge 7th, Reuben Hoyte 9th, Isaac Wright 12th, Will Russell 32nd and Josh White 40th. Joe Lillie was unlucky to have to withdraw with an injury.

    U15 boys featured two ever-reliable athletes Sam Kitchen 9th and Luke Reynolds 21st and place sixth for the year.

    There was no U17 boys team featuring at all in the results.

    Charlotte Matthews ran well again for the U13s but without support the team was just 11th for the season. Jody Mann 6th, and Amber Muir 14th ran well for the under 15 girls but without a full team had to settle for 6th overall.

    The senior women fielded just two runners, Liz Durman 15th and Megan Lillie (U17) 42nd. After poor representation all season they languish 5th in the second division.

    The senior men again featured just two runners (James Miles an excellent 9th and Andrew Neighbour 69th) and had to depend on the vets for their scoring including 60+ runner Malcolm Kemp. They were inevitably well short of the medals in 5th place. The vet men have been reasonably represented during the season but were without their strongest team at Lancing. They held on to fifth place. Nigel Herron ran a terrific 34th and Malcolm Hughes 55th and Lance Bellers 67th were the other scorers.

    We need to decide whether we want to succeed across the board in this competition next season and, if so, what can we learn from the U13 boys team?

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  • Fun Run

    Chichester Priory 10k

    Sun 6 Feb 2011

    The first of this season's Sussex Grand Prix Races (and also Sussex 10K Challenge) this is a fast and flat course, but overcast and windy conditions were not ideal. There were 1610 finishers with the race won in 30:04 (Benjamin Noad, Highgate Harriers).

    Phoenix results (chip times):
    Josh Guilmant (31:23) 10th
    James Miles (33:52) 38th
    Bruce Faulkner (36:01) 77th
    Andrew Haig (40:14) 184th
    Terry Avey (40:46) 196th
    Andrew Seivewright – second claim (43:46) 332nd
    Sonal Chaudhary (48:11) 659th
    Deborah Evers (51:51) 905th
    Ananda Mello-Costa (59:21) 1330th

    Phoenix men (Josh, James, Bruce) were third in the team competition.

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  • Cross Country

    South of England XC Champs Parliament Hill Fields

    Sat 29 Jan 2011

    It's tough at this level, so some good performances here, especially by Archie in the U13 boys race. Figures in brackets give size of field/winning time.

    U13 boys Archie Davis 32nd 12:29 (224/11:19)
    Sen women Liz Durman 83rd 35:23 Erica Martin 90th 35:46 Sonal Chaudhary
    331st 46:11 (381/29.47)
    Sen men Dave Carter 106th 55:31 Andrew Neighbour 521st 1:08:04 (885/48:23)

    Next year this fixture will be at Stanmer Park. Maybe we can look forward to a better turnout and, who knows, some teams!

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  • Cross Country

    Sussex masters XC Champs

    Sat 22 Jan 2011

    Team silver for the over 60s (Andrew Haig, Terry Avey, Malcolm Kemp with Rik Taub in support) and team bronze for the over 40s (Bruce Warren, David Powell, Nigel Herron, Bruce Faulkner with Malcolm Hughes, John Marinko and Ro Harrington in support). Fine runs by Phil Hampshire and Brian Friend in the over 50s.

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  • Cross Country

    Sussex Schools XC Champs

    Sat 22 Jan 2011

    Phoenix athletes were prominent among the medals

    SENIOR BOYS. Charlie Grice (Cardinal Newman) silver.
    INTERMEDIATE BOYS. Jake Elliot (Blatchington Mill) gold, Will Durkin (Ardingly) silver.
    JUNIOR BOYS. Billy White (Patcham) gold
    SENIOR GIRLS. Beth Kidger (Sussex Downs College) bronze.

    There were plenty of other excellent performances by Phoenix youngsters.

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