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  • Track and Field

    Worthing summer open

    Tue 21 Jun 2022 (Worthing)

    Worthing and Districts summer open meeting enjoyed warm weather for an evening programme of sprints and middle distance racing including Sussex County Championships for all the age groups at 3000 metres.


    Dexter Andrews   U13 M


    Bronwyn Trigg      U15   F 15.24


    Iris Hunter            U13 F 2:37.09
    Barry Blackwell  V55 M 2:24.93  
    Katherine Haslip U13 F 2:28.38
    Phil Grabsky       V55 M 2:26.60
    Max Simpson      U15 M 2:18.91
    Finley Jones        U17 M 2:06.48
    Steve Atkinson    V55 M 2:09.66
    Adrian Haines V55 M 2:17.34
    Liam Dunne        U23 M 1:53.77


    Sofia Akilade      U17 F 62:13
    Max Andrews      Sen M 54.07
    Matthew Noakes U17 M 56.99
    Raphael Reed     U17 M 59.90
    Luca Bigg            U23 M 49.21


    Dexter Andrews U13 M 38.26

    3000m - Including Sussex Championships

    Alice Wright     U20 F 9:51.37
    Ravi Clark        U17 M 9:27.87
    Jamie Signy Sen M 9:22.86  
    Lewis Isaacs V35 M 9:30.24  
    Jon Clays V40 M 9:38.48  
    Jack Hayward Sen M 10:05.21



  • Track and Field

    BMC Grand Prix

    Sat 14 May 2022 (Birmingham)

    Phoenix athletes ravelled to Birmingham on Saturday for a high class event organised by the British Milers Club looking for personal best times and several managed that.

    Highlights were an enormous PB for Alice Wright in the 1500 which takes her to 3rd place in the UK U20 rankings. An 8 second PB for Maia Hardman in the 1500 and a 2nd PB in recent weeks for Miles Waterworth in the 800m. Beth Kidger's PB in the 5000 just sneaked inside her previous best from last season.


    Men 800m Race A

    Posn Time Name  
    6 01:49.77    Luca Bigg  

    Men 800m Race C

    3             01:53.00 (PB)        Miles Waterworth  

    Women 800m Race B


    7          02:20.80              Milly Dickinson  

    Women 1500m Race B

    3        04:26.34 (PB) Alice Wright  

    Womens 1500m Race C


    4          04:31.74 (PB)       Maia Hardman  

    Womens 5000m Race A

    4       15:53.42   (PB) Beth Kidger  

  • Track and Field

    Watford Open meeting

    Wed 4 May 2022 (Woodside Stadium, Watford)

    Watford open track meetings are well known for producing fast races for athletes seeking personal bests. 

    Miles Waterworth joined several of Englands fastest U17 1500metre runners for his season debut at the event and in a close finish took 13 seconds from his PB set last season, finishing second of the 3 U17's.

    Place Name


    Cat Pos


    1 Harry BOYD SM 1  GG 03:53.0 PB!
    2 Rowan MIELL-INGRAM U20M 1  RADLE 03:53.4 PB!
    3 Zak FREELAND U20M 2  MMK 03:54.0  
    4 Thomas PATRICK SM 2  SBH 03:55.1  
    5 Henry DOVER U17M 1  SBH 03:55.4 PB!
    6 Miles WATERWORTH U17M 2  PHOE' 03:55.6 PB!
    7 Alden COLLIER U17M 3  CHIL 03:57.1 PB!
    8 Josh SMITH U20M 3  POOL 03:57.3 PB!
    9 Oliver HALL SM 3  BRACK 03:57.7  
    10 Noah BENNETT U20M 4  RUNOR 03:58.3  
    11 Ethan GEAR U20M 5  MEDM 03:58.6  
    12 David CLARK SM 4  WPH 04:00.4  
    13 Joseph CHAMBERLAIN U20M 6  DACT 04:00.7  
    14 Thomas KIMBER U20M 7  CRAW 04:01.7  
    15 Raihan LENOIRE U20M 8  WPH 04:07.8  
    16 Nathan BUCKERIDGE U20M 9  CRAW 04:12.9  

  • Track and Field

    London Open Meeting

    Sat 30 Apr 2022 (Battersea Park, London)

    Phoenix athletes of all ages made their way to Battersea Park in South West London for the second day running for a full open track meeting and GB International Archie Davis had his first run-out of the outdoor season after a spell at altitude. The UK rankings have several Phoenix names in the various event top 10's after this meeting.

    Highlights were big PB's in the 800m for Alice Wright with 2:10, which puts her into the UK Under 20 top 10 ranking list and also Miles Waterworth who hit the top of the UK Under 17 rankings with his 1:53 for 800m.

    Katherine Haslip also moved to the top of the UK Under13 age group rankings with her Mile time.

    Steve Selby moved into 9th place in the V50 age group and Nigel Herron to 8th in the V55 rankings.

    Finley Jones scored a big 800m PB taking nearly 6 seconds off his previous best and Imogen Read won her 800m heat. Biggest PB of the day went to Raphael Reed with 11+ seconds off his previous in the 600m.

    Pos Name Team Cat Gen Result PB
    7 Max Andrews  Brighton Phoenix Sen M 12.21 11.82
    Race 1            
    4 Dexter Andrews Brighton Phoenix U13 M 02:22.6  
    Race 2            
    2 Josh Nairne  Brighton Phoenix Sen M 01:23.3  
    4 Raphael Reed  Brighton Phoenix U17 M 01:35.5 01:47.3
    Race 1            
    1 Imogen Read  Brighton Phoenix U17 F 02:33.9 02:29.6
    Race 2            
    1 Alice Wright  Brighton Phoenix U20 F 02:10.6 02:16.5
    5 Sofia Akilade  Brighton Phoenix U17 F 02:28.4 02:22.4
    Race 3            
    3 Finley Jones  Brighton Phoenix U17 M 02:04.8 02:10.1
    Race 4            
    1 Archie Davis  Brighton Phoenix Sen M 01:49.5 01:44.7
    4 Luca Bigg  Brighton Phoenix U23 M 01:53.3 01:48.8
    5 Miles Waterworth  Brighton Phoenix U17 M 01:53.6 1:55.58i
    6 Liam Dunne  Brighton Phoenix U23 M 01:57.1 01:54.9
    Race 1            
    5 Dexter Andrews Brighton Phoenix U13 M 38.04  
    Race 3            
    6 Max Andrews  Brighton Phoenix Sen M 24.6 24.93
    5 Katherine Haslip  Brighton Phoenix U13 F 05:23.1  
    7 Steven Selby  Brighton Phoenix V50 M 05:28.2 05:24.7
    8 Nigel Herron  Brighton Phoenix V55 M 05:37.1 05:28.2

  • Track and Field

    Tonbridge Open Meeting

    Mon 18 Apr 2022 (Tonbridge)

    The new season began with the Tonbridge Easter Monday open meeting and athletes took their chance to kick things off in decent running conditions, not always seen in April !

        600m races  6 & 7     Time  
    3 185 Esme PALMER-MALINS U17W 2 1:45.46 PB!
    6 115 Imogen READ  U17W 2 1:48.10  PB!
        1500m race 8        
    1 311 Alice WRIGHT  U20W 1 4:32.56 PB!
        400m races 3, 4 & 6      
    2 135 Matthew NOAKES U17M 2 58.08
    2 139 Reed RAPHAEL U17M 2 55.98
    2 148 Miles WATERWORTH  U17M 1 51.68 PB!



  • Track and Field

    Open Meeting

    Mon 18 Apr 2022 (Crawley)

    800m pb's for Owen and Barry - Barry goes 8th on 2022 V55 rankings

    Crawley AC open meeting 18th April  
    Race 2        
    3. Owen Wallek U17 02:05:20 PB
    Race 5        
    5. Barry Blackwell V55 02:27:16 PB

  • Track and Field

    Comeback 5000

    Fri 15 Apr 2022 (Battersea Park, London)

    Maia Hardman upped her track racing distance with a debut 5000m at the Comeback 5000m races on Good Friday, running strongly to clock 17.13 in slightly warm conditions in a high class race.

    14   Maia HARDMAN SW 14 17:13.68 PB!

  • Trail, Track and Field, Cross Country, Road Race

    Feb 5th/6th results Update

    Sat 5 Feb 2022 (North Downs Way, Goodwood, Horsenden, Lea Valley)

    A big, windy weekend of competition unless competing indoors !

    Amelia Culshaw warmed-up for the Marathon de Sables with 1st place in the womens field and 9th overall at the Pilgrim Challenge, a 2 day, 66 mile event over the North downs Way this weekend. With 5hrs 4 minutes on Saturday and 5hrs 23 on Sunday in what had to be a wind affected course, Amelia won both the Womens overall as well as the 40+ age group. Probably will be slightly warmer in the desert :-)

    At the British Universities and Colleges Cross Country Championships, held at a muddy, windy Horsenden Hill in Greenford, Mia Edwards and Maia Hardman ran for Exeter and Cambridge in the Short and Long course respectively. Mia finished well up the field in 142nd and 4th team scorer for Exeter ; whilst in the long course event, Maia excelled herself with 38th and helped the Cambridge team to 5th place as 3rd points scorer.

    Womens long course ( Mark Hookway YouTube channel )

    Women's short course ( Mark Hookway YouTube channel )

    Milly Dickinson took an encouraging 3rd place in the final of the 800m, with a second off her indoor seasons best, at the South of England Championships at Lea Valley in 2:15.16. YouTube videos from Mark Hookways channel below.

    Milly wins the heat

    3rd in the final

    Goodwood 5 & 10k

    Juniors Katherine Haslip and Corbin Bailey contested the 5k at the Goodwood race track on Sunday. Katherine recorded a very fast 17.50 to take 3rd place in the whole women's field despite being in the Under 13 age group.

    In the 10k at Goodwood, Simon Heath led home the Phoenix contingent with an excellent 31.49 in 6th place and Sibel Latchman was 3rd woman, with 42.12 in very windy conditions.


    Position Name Chip Age group Cat.Pos   Age Grade
    24 Katherine HASLIP 00:17:53 U13 1 Female 93.9
    47 Corbin BAILEY 00:19:52 U15 5 Male 68.2
    7 Simon HEATH 31.49 Senior 6 Male 83.31
    38 Ash DORRINGTON 34.50 V35 4 Male 76.63
    48 Jon CLAYS 35.26 V40 5 Male 77.17
    51 Sean BUTCHERS 35.42 Senior 28 Male 73.78
    54 Samuel PETERS 35.50 Senior 30 Male 73.48
    59 Jonny MCCORMACK 36.04 V35 9 Male 74.34
    120 Gary MORSN 39.41 V40 19 Male 69.25
    143 Barry BLACKWELL 41.33 V50 9 Male 73.84
    152 Sibel LATCHMAN 42.12 V45 3 Female 75.72
    334 Terry AVEY 54.18 V70+ 2 Male 66.21
    337 Colin SIMPSON 54.23 V65 7 Male 64.09

  • Track and Field

    U11/U13/U15 Open Meeting with Sussex 3000m Championships

    Sat 18 Sep 2021 (Crawley)

    75 U11M

    Pos Perf Name   AG
    5 12.48 Albie Bolingbroke   U11


    75 U11W

    Pos Perf Name   AG
    4 13.32 Stella Gambie   U11


    100 U15M

    Pos Perf Name   AG
    2 12.71 Raffaele Barra PB U13
    4 12.88 Harry Preston   U15


    100 U13M

    Pos Perf Name   AG
    1 14.43 Thomas Sorrell PB U13


    100 U15W 1

    Pos Perf Name   AG
    5 15.17 Isabella Paulson-Jones   U13


    100 U15W 3

    Pos Perf Name   AG
    7 16.17 Elodie Bell PB U13


    200 U15M

    Pos Perf Name   AG
    2 26.18 Raffaele Barra PB U13


    200 U15W 1

    Pos Perf Name   AG
    4 32.75 Elodie Bell PB U13


    800 U15M 1

    Pos Perf Name   AG
    9 03:07.77 Albie Bolingbroke PB U11


    800 U15W 1

    Pos Perf Name   AG
    2 02:48.02 Isabella Paulson-Jones PB U13
    4 02:51.56 Elodie Bell   U13


    800 U15W 2

    Pos Perf Name   AG
    1 02:31.20 Katherine Haslip PB U11


    800 U13W

    Pos Perf Name   AG
    6 03:03.16 Stella Gambie PB U11


    3000 SM

    Pos Perf Name   AG
    1 08:37.34 Finn McNally   SEN
    3 08:58.45 Reuben Hoyte SB U23
    16 10:46.15 Adrian Haines   V50


    3000 U15M

    Pos Perf Name   AG
    1 09:25.60 Owen Wallek PB U15


    LJ U15M 1

    Pos Perf Name   AG
    1 4.69 Raffaele Barra PB U13


    SP3K U15X

    Pos Perf Name   AG
    5 7.12 Thomas Sorrell PB U13

  • Track and Field

    BMC Grand Prix

    Sat 14 Aug 2021 (Eltham)

    Mens 800m A                








    Luca Bigg



    Mens 800m E                









    Josh Nairne



    Mens 800m F                








    Oliver Johnson





    Brodie Denholm



    Womens 800m C                









    Milly Dickinson



    Mens 1500m A                









    Robbie Fitzgibbon



    Mens 5000m A                








    Finn McNally



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