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Brighton Phoenix Tri has several BTF ( British Triathlon Federation) coaches at levels 1 2 and 3  as well as specialist UKA running coaches who will be happy to advise you in any aspect of the sport whether you are just wanting to give it a try or if you are an experienced athlete wanting help with your training.

The club members also have a great depth of experience between them at distances from super sprint to ironman and at small local events to international competitions and they are always willing to share  their advice and experience with new members


What is multisport?

Multisport is the dedication of training and racing to swimming, cycling and running, or two of these three. Other titles include Duathlon, (Run, Bike, Run), Triathlon (Swim, Bike, Run) and Aquathlon (Swim, Run). If you want to improve your run/swim/bike skills by joining us, we would be more than happy to have you on board!

Simply put, multisport is a lifestyle sport, which rolls various disciplines into one race format. It is guaranteed to challenge you like no other.

Where do you start?

Multisport has a strange, attractive force, which gradually pulls you into its orbit. Many participants have come from a single-discipline sport, wishing to have more variation in training or looking to increase the challenge/enjoyment of competition.

There is no doubt that some people organise their lives around multisport, while others just want to have a go and see what the sport is all about. Brighton Phoenix can help you either way – we have nearly 80+ multisport athletes at all levels of competition, ranging from novices in their first season to seasoned international standard athletes.

You can get more information from John Tindell at

Phoenix has a reputation as a warm and welcoming club that draws in people from various walks of life, reflecting Brighton's vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

If you have just joined or wish to see what we are about, have a look around our site, come along to a few sessions and start to get into the multisport scene.

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Nigel Herron

BTF Level 2 Coach
Tel: 07773 196848

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Anita Jones

BTF Level 1Coach
Tel: 07753746671

Sue Hudson

BTF& UKA Coach
Tel: 07854 615064