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Phoenix Open / BMC Races


Phoenix Open / BMC Races

Withdean stadium on Wednesday 30th May came alive as some 280 athletes competed in the annual Phoenix Open / BMC races.
Well done to all who took part, especially those who put in pbs in what is always competitive conditions, and a huge Phoenix Thank You to all who marshalled or helped out.

We don't have information on personal bests so can't comment on individual performances but would love to hear from you. If you would like to share your news please e-mail the Phoenix media team.



Hats off to those who medalled:
U11/U9 boys: Corbin Bailey 1st
U13 Girls / Boys800m: Annalise Brown & James Fonteyn 2nd
Closed 100m: Keira Paterson-Jewell 1st, Anna Court 2nd, Natasha Bowen 3rd
BMC 800m Eddie Harrison 1st
BMC 800m 1st Cassius Hebden (U15), 2nd Milly Dickinson (U17)
BMC 800m Spencer Thomas 2nd & Archie Davis 3rd (U23)
BMC 800 Benjamin Hendry 1st (U20)
BMC 800 Steve Atkinson 3rd (V50)

Check out all the results:


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