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Triathlon training notes

Organised training

For details of all the organised training sessions, go to the Training page. If you need transport to any of these sessions, please contact a club rep. We can generally work something out.

A note on safety

In the open-water sessions during the summer, please do not swim unaccompanied. We do not have lifeguard support and rely on the group being in the water together.

On all club cycle rides, please wear an approved cycle helmet, along with any other protection you feel is appropriate (gloves, etc) should you fall off – it does happen! Before you head out, you should agree on a route, ensure that at least one of you has tubes and air, plus, if possible, a mobile phone. This will become second nature and it is guaranteed that you will be thankful you carried these items at least once.

Training tips

We focus heavily on improving our run, bike or swim ability, but sometimes ignore the benefit of relaxed and controlled breathing. Simply learning to control our breathing and focus on emptying and filling our lungs effectively can create a feeling of relaxation and rhythm. This can help us to concentrate and perform to the best of our ability.

Swim technique
Swim technique is the most complex aspect of multisport training (apart from long-distance nutrition). We can all train to ride a bike or run with increasing speed, relatively quickly. Ask all but those who learnt to swim well when they were young, and they will tell you that it is the hardest discipline to get right.

Simply put, effort placed in improving your technique early on is time very well spent. Coaching from those such as Robin and Archie Brew is excellent value for money. If this is not within your budget, books such as Total Immersion or The Complete Swimmer are effective self-coaching tools. Get a sympathetic friend to video your technique and pull it apart. Do so with the help of a knowledgeable club member ¬– they will be pleased to assist and give advice.

All you need have to do then is practise the drills!

Speed work is the key
Speed sessions are strongly recommended. Depending on your multisport goals, these might consist of swimming 25 to 50-metre reps, doing a 10-mile time trial on the bike, or/and attending the weekly Wednesday track session at Withdean Stadium.

Books, magazines and videos
Check out the Links section for websites that provide a source of info for all types of training. If you are serious about getting fitter or faster, you will need to sort out a training plan. Our coaches will be happy to provide advice.

Alternatively, the book Triathlete's Training Bible, by Joe Friel, provides a wealth of info for you to browse through and digest. Triathlon legend Dave Scott has also written a book, Triathlon Training, which provides similar info. He was winning Hawaii Ironman when most of us were unaware Triathlon existed as a sport.

Many of us read 220, a British mag, which keeps you up to date on all things multisport, here and abroad. It is also a useful source of articles on training methods. There are numerous ads in 220, which detail training camps, swim clinics and all gear relating to multisport. 220 is available from Borders in Brighton, or alternatively you can contact Liz Halliday for the club copy.

The British Triathlon Federation (BTF) recently commissioned a CD-Rom, which covers training in all disciplines. It provides a simple training planner, which you can export to XL or print. This was available from their website. Alternatively, contact Nigel, who may be able to source you a copy.

We have a club library containing books, videos and DVDs which may help you in your training. See Paul Collicut at the track on Wednesdays.

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